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Gabigol misses penalty, and Flamengo draws with Cruzeiro in Brasileirão

Flamengo and Cruzeiro were tied overnight this Saturday, the 27th, and Gabigol had chances to give victory to the red-black team from Rio de Janeiro

Gabigol did not take advantage, and the Flamengo did not come out of the draw against cruise at the Brasileirão. The number 10 missed a penalty in the first stage and could not avoid the 1-1 at Maracanã. The Fox, it is important to highlight, had chances to come out with the victory, however Matheus Cunha was the protagonist and prevented the result of the confrontation from being even worse for Fla. In this way, the night of this Saturday, 27, ended up ending in a melancholy way for the Flamengo supporters.
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This was Flamengo’s second consecutive draw in the 2023 season. Last Wednesday, the 24th, the team did not come out 1-1 against Ñublense in Libertadores and, once again, when it was the favorite, it did not live up to expectations and got just one point in this round of the Brasileirão. Meanwhile, Cruzeiro left Maracanã with a taste of who could have left as a victory.


Tributes to Vini Jr before the match between Flamengo and Cruzeiro!

Before the ball started rolling for the two rivals, the Red-Black fans used a mosaic to send strength to their former player. In addition, the athletes used in place of the master sponsor a phrase written “Todos com Vini Jr” in the central region of the shirt. On social media, Vini Jr was thrilled with Flamengo’s support and wrote a message: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! I was born FLAMENGO and I will always love you!!“.

Vini Jr received support from Flamengo
Flamengo fan during tribute to Vini Jr before the match between Flamengo and Cruzeiro starts (Credit: GettyImages)

And how was the game?

The first half started in full swing at Maracanã. Cruzeiro did not give Flamengo chances to breathe and after three minutes they opened the scoring of the match. Pepa’s team came out at speed with Bruno Rodrigues. The attacker was launched at speed and ran with the ball to the bottom line. He crossed to the area, and Marlon arrived hitting to make it 1 to 0 and leave the Celeste team in advantage.

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After falling behind on the scoreboard, Flamengo launched an attack and almost tied with Gabigol. At the opportunity, Pedro was knocked down inside the area and the referee scored the penalty. The number 10 went to the ball, kicked it on the post and scored on the rebound. However, because the ball did not touch anyone other than the Flamengo striker, the goal was annulled. Even so, it didn’t take long for the tie.

In the 32nd minute, after pressure from Flamengo, Wesley made a great individual move and crossed into the middle of the area. Gabigol tried to the letter, but adjusted for Ayrton Lucas, who arrived beating the first time and made it 1 to 1. Maracanã was delirious and the red-black pressure did not follow the animation during the confrontation.

In the second half, Cruzeiro remained well placed in defense and explored the spaces left by Flamengo. Raposa used speed as its main weapon to try to stop Rio’s opponents. In several plays, mainly with Mateus Vital and Bruno Rodrigues, the team from Minas Gerais was close to victory, but ended up stopping in Matheus Cunha’s defenses.


Even with 1-1 on the scoreboard, Cruzeiro continued better in the second half, but did not know how to take advantage of the chances it created. The red-black goalkeeper continued to be the protagonist, while Flamengo created few opportunities. Gabigol was the one who tried the most and had the chance to leave with a goal in the match, but he finished on top of Rafael Cabral and the 0-0 remained on the Maracanã scoreboard.

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Gabigol misses penalty, and Flamengo draws with Cruzeiro in Brasileirão

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