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Georgia and Czech Republic draw in the European Cup in a closely contested game
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Georgia and the Czech Republic faced each other in the second round of Group F of the European Championship, in a game that highlighted the confrontation between attack and defense. The match, marked by opportunities on both sides, ended in a 1-1 draw. The duel took place at the Volksparkstadion, in Hamburg. Georges Mikautadze and Patrik Schick scored the goals.

Georgia took to the field with a 3-5-2 tactical formation, focusing more on defense: Mamardashvili; Kvirkvelia, Kashia, Dvali; Tsiatishvili, Davitashvili, Mekvabishvili, Kochorashvili, Kakabadze; Mikautadze, Kvaratskhelia.

The Czech Republic, on the other hand, opted to be more offensive with a 3-4-3: Stanek; Holes, Hranac, Krejci; Coufal, Soucek, Provod, D Jurasek; Cerny, Schick, Hlozek.


First time

The match started with both teams studying each other and looking for space in the opponent's field. After three minutes, Patrik Schick finished with a header, but the ball was saved by goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashvili. The first half continued at an intense pace, with several fouls committed by both teams.

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In the 15th minute, Czechia had a good opportunity with Patrik Schick, but the ball ended up going through the baseline. In the 18th minute, Vladimír Coufal received the first yellow card of the match for a dangerous tackle. Minutes later, at 24, a goal by Adam Hlozek was disallowed by VAR due to a handball.

The decisive moment of the first half came in the 46th minute, when Robin Hranác committed a penalty by touching the ball with his hand inside the box. After a VAR review, the penalty was confirmed, and Georges Mikautadze did not waste the opportunity, converting the penalty in the 49th minute and putting Georgia ahead.

The rest of the first half was marked by Czechia's attempts to equalize the score, but the Georgian defense managed to hold on to the result. In the last minute, Patrik Schick had a clear chance, but was stopped again by goalkeeper Mamardashvili, ending the first half with Georgia ahead 1-0.


Georgia penalty kick

Georgia's penalty kick (Photo: reproduction/UEFA Euro)

Second time

After 14 minutes, the Czech Republic equalized the score with Patrik Schick, who took advantage of a corner and, from very close range, finished into the bottom left corner of the goal, tying the match. The game continued with chances for both sides. Matej Jurásek had a shot saved in the 21st minute and shortly after, in the 22nd minute, the game was interrupted due to an injury to Patrik Schick, who was replaced by Mojmír Chytil.

The Georgians also tried to react with Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, who in the 26th minute took a risk from outside the area, but without success. Substitutions marked the match, with strategic entries from Giorgi Kvilitaia, Giorgi Gvelesiani and Saba Lobjanidze for Georgia, while the Czech Republic brought Petr Sevcík and Antonín Barák onto the field.

Opportunities continued to arise. Ondrej Lingr, for example, had a good chance in the 32nd minute, but his header was saved. Matej Jurásek tried again from outside the area in the 34th minute, but without success. Yellow cards were distributed to both sides due to dangerous tackles and fouls committed, highlighting the intensity and competitiveness of the game.


In the final moments, Saba Lobjanidze wasted a great chance in the 50th minute after a quick counterattack initiated by Giorgi Chakvetadze. Shortly before that, the Czech Republic also had an attempt blocked by Tomás Holes, who took a risk from outside the area.

The match was marked by a sequence of corners and blocked shots, as well as fouls committed in both defensive areas. Giorgi Kochorashvili received a yellow card in the last moments after committing a foul that stopped Petr Sevcík.

At the final whistle, the score reflected the equality between the teams, highlighting a second half full of emotion, strategic substitutions and decisive moments that kept the public attentive until the last second.

Czech Republic players celebrate equalizing goal

Czech Republic players celebrate equalizing goal (Photo: reproduction/UEFA Euro)

Situation in Group F and Upcoming Confrontations

With the draw, the Czech Republic occupies third place in Group F, with one point, while Georgia is in fourth place, also with one point. In the next round, Georgia will face Portugal, while the Czech Republic will play Turkey. The matches will take place simultaneously on Wednesday, June 26th at 3pm. These games will be decisive for the teams, who seek to advance in the competition.


Featured Photo: Georgian and Czech Republic players greet each other before the opening whistle (Reproduction/X/@UEFA Euro)

Georgia and Czech Republic draw in the European Cup in a closely contested game

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Georgia and Czech Republic draw in the European Cup in a closely contested game

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