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Germany beats Hungary and advances to the next stage of the European Championship
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This Wednesday (19), Germany and Hungary faced each other in the second round of Group A of Euro 2024. The match was hosted by the Stuttgart Arena, in Germany, and started at 1:00 pm Brasília time. Germany won 2-0.

Hungary entered the field determined to prevent the German team from having any space to play, while rooting for a poor performance from the host to get their first points in this edition of the tournament. The opponent's objective was to be the first team guaranteed in the next phase of the competition and played confidently, as they debuted with a score of 5-1 against Scotland, and only depended on a simple victory to reach the next step in the Euros.

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Hungary team before the start of the match that ended in defeat to Germany (reproduction/Instagram/@euro2024)


With today's result, Hungary faces its second defeat in Euro 2024 and practically nullifies its chances of advancing to the next phase.

Balanced first half with goal from Musiala

Right at the start of the match, Neuer comes out of goal and intercepts Sallai's shot. In the 4th minute, Havertz receives a pass on the right, cuts to the middle, but finishes weakly, making it easier for Gulácsi to defend. In the 11th minute, Havertz anticipates Orbán in the area and shoots from close range, but Gulácsi makes a great save.

Germany, looking for the first goal, makes a play with Toni Kroos, who takes an open corner. Andrich takes the first shot, but Bolla stops it almost on the line. At 21 minutes, Germany's insistence resulted in the first goal. Gündogan receives the ball in the box and collides with Orbán, who falls. Gündogan recovers the ball and passes it to Musiala to score and win the title of isolated top scorer in this European Championship, with two goals scored in this championship.

Then, goalkeeper Neuer makes a great save, sending Szoboszlai's beautiful free kick into the corner. Soon after, he blocks Hungary's goal from the rebound with his legs. At 43, part of the crowd cheered with Musiala's move, which he received at the edge of the area, dominated and shot hard, but the ball skimmed Gulácsi's left post. Soon after, it was Hungary's turn to celebrate a goal scored by Sallai, however, the shot was canceled due to offside, confirmed by VAR.


Germany secures victory in the second half

Nine minutes into the second half, Gündogan makes a good move on the right and crosses well. Gulácsi passes it to the front of the area, where Toni Kroos collects the rebound and shoots. The Hungarian goalkeeper makes another good save. A few minutes later, it was Hungary's turn to come close to a draw. Schäffer receives it on the left, advances to the baseline and crosses it to Varga, who heads the ball dangerously wide.

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Musiala tries to extend the score by receiving the ball at the edge of the area, dribbling the marker and shooting hard, but the ball goes over the goal. Then, Mittelstädt receives a pass from Musiala on the left and makes a low cross. Gündogan hits Gulácsi's first shot into Gulácsi's left corner and extends the score for Germany.

After exchanging passes, Kimmich receives the ball in the area and finishes strongly, but Gulácsi saves in the left corner. In another move, Kimmich crosses from the right, but Füllkrug heads lightly and sends it out, without danger. The game ends after 48 minutes, with Germany guaranteed in the round of 16 of the European Championship.

Featured photo: Germany team in this Wednesday's match (Reproduction/Instagram/@dfb_team)


Germany beats Hungary and advances to the next stage of the European Championship

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Germany beats Hungary and advances to the next stage of the European Championship

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