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Germany beats Scotland with a rout in their Euro Cup debut
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This Friday (14), at the Allianz Arena Stadium in Munich, Germany and Scotland played the opening game of UEFA Euro 2024, which ended with a 5-1 victory for the hosts. Germany's result was expected, as in the last 60 years, Scotland has defeated the team only once, in a friendly in 1999.

Since then, there have been four clashes between the teams, resulting in a draw and three wins for Germany. The teams have not faced each other since 2015. Despite this, the approximately 100,000 Scots who went to Germany to cheer for the dispute were not shaken by the German team's favoritism and were present in the streets and around the stadium.

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Kimmich celebrates Germany's goal (Photo: Philipp Reinhard/reproduction/Instagram/@dfb_team)


In a first half dominated by Germany, the team felt comfortable exchanging passes and controlling the game, which resulted in three goals in the first half. The fourth goal came in the second half, followed by Rüdiger's own goal, which reduced the deficit for the Scottish team. Germany even increased their lead in the last minutes of the second half through the feet of Emre Can.

First half dominated by Germany

In the first minute of the game, Tah made a beautiful pass to Wirtz in the area, but the number 17 tried to cover the Scottish goalkeeper, who did well and saved it with his face. In the 10th minute, Germany's first goal was scored by Wirtz. In the play, Kroos passed to Kimmich on the right, who rolled into the middle of the area for the Leverkusen midfielder to finish low, into the right corner of the opposing goalkeeper, opening the score. At 18, it was Musiala's turn to score. Havertz received the ball in the area, held the marking and passed it to the number 10 to shoot hard and increase the score.

In the 24th minute, Musiala tried to invade the area by dribbling, but was brought down by an opposing defender. The referee initially awarded a penalty, however, after review by VAR, he corrected it to a foul in the half-moon area of ​​the penalty area. Two minutes later, on a rehearsed free kick, Havertz shot low and the Scottish goalkeeper made a firm save. At 31, Musiala received the ball in the area and scored, but the goal was disallowed due to a handball from Havertz.

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At 39, Rüdiger advanced across the attacking field and took a long shot, which was saved by Gunn. Kimmich crossed from the right and Gündogan headed the ball home in the 41st minute, but Gunn made an excellent save. In the remainder, Kroos tried to finish, but was blocked. To end the second half, in the 45th minute, Kai Havertz converted the penalty for Germany against Scotland.


Second time

In the 5th minute, Rüdiger risked a long-range shot from the attacking field, but the Scotland goalkeeper jumped and made a good save. In the 22nd minute, another goal from Germany, this time scored by Füllkrug, who took advantage of a leftover ball at the edge of the area, took it to his right foot and released a bomb to beat the opposing goalkeeper.

Ball possession showed Germany's clear dominance, with 72% against Scotland's 28%, after 30 minutes of the match. Füllkrug had another chance, taking advantage of a cross from the left and finishing to score the fifth goal. However, VAR intervened and disallowed the goal due to the number 9 being offside. Four minutes later, Mittelstädt tried another shot from outside the area, but sent it wide of the goal.

In the 38th minute, Sané received the ball on the edge of the area and finished well, but Gunn made a calm save. Then, Sané tried again, driving through the attacking field and risking a shot from outside the area that went over the crossbar and out. At 41, own goal by Rüdiger. After a lift in the area, McKenna headed into the middle of the area and the Real Madrid defender deflected it into Neuer's own net.

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To end the match, in the 47th minute, Emre Can scored a goal. The number 25 drove through the middle and finished from outside the area, hitting the opponent goalkeeper's left corner.


Featured photo: Germany team ready for the debut of the European Championship (Reproduction/DFB/Philipp Reinhard/Instagram/@dfb_team)

Germany beats Scotland with a rout in their Euro Cup debut

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Germany beats Scotland with a rout in their Euro Cup debut

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