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Getting out of an unhealthy romantic relationship

We all dream of living a healthy and balanced romantic relationship, fulfilled in which love is based on respect. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some live difficult relationships where the prevailing feeling is malevolence and, as a result, turns the relationship into a toxic and unhealthy relationship. We can try everything to find a normal relationship, so that our partner agrees to open his eyes and change his behavior, nothing does.

From there you either accept it but you will be all the more unhappy, or you decide to go to better relationships, which is the best thing to do. So how to get out of an unhealthy romantic relationship: How to do it? To help you get through this difficult milestone, here are some tips to help you.



Getting out of an unhealthy romantic relationship: How to do it?

First big step: leave your toxic partner

#1 Recognizing the Problem

This is undoubtedly the first step. To get out of a relationship that only hurts us we must already recognize it, admit it and accept it. Many people do not realize that they are in an unhealthy relationship, sometimes they will even find excuses for their partner. Indeed, how many times have you justified his behavior by saying to those around you “He is not well, he has problems at work”, “he is going through a bad time”?

Know that recognizing the problem is the most difficult step to take but that once it is crossed the others will follow, despite the difficulties. You now know that this relationship is not normal, that his behavior towards you is not that of a healthy relationship. So you can, now, prepare to get out of this unhealthy relationship before it becomes totally toxic and therefore dangerous.

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#2 Don’t be manipulated to get out of an unhealthy romantic relationship

When one decides to put an end to an unhealthy relationship, it is very likely that the partner uses and abuses methods of emotional blackmail or manipulation, such as those of a narcissistic pervert. In this kind of situation, it is sometimes very difficult to stand up to him and stay on his idea of getting out of this relationship.

To stay focused on your goal, remember the unfortunately many bad times you have experienced in this relationship and that have hurt you. Also remember that this story is slowly destroying you and you are not happy. It will surely be difficult but you can get there with willpower and strength, for your own well-being.


#3 Cut all contact

As we mentioned above, in this kind of situation, it is more than possible that your ex will come back because he will not accept the breakup. To put all the chances on your side, the ideal is to cut off all contact with him. Block his number and do the same on social media. Radio silence is the best weapon in these kinds of situations.

However, sometimes some situations are more complicated than others and it is therefore possible that this person is part of your daily life, such as a co-worker for example. In this case, limit yourself to a simple cordial “hello” and avoid finding yourself one-on-one with him.

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Getting out of an unhealthy romantic relationship: how to do it?

Second big step: think about yourself

#4 Regain self-confidence

Of course, we do not come out of this type of relationship unscathed. It is often evoked by people who have experienced a loss of confidence in oneself and in others, a bad image of oneself and also the shame of having been Known that these are logical and normal feelings. What we must now succeed in doing is to reverse this bad trend. Regain confidence in yourself and in who you are.

You are in no way responsible for this relationship that almost destroyed you. Indeed, one cannot be guilty of having been in love with the wrong person. So start by working to revalue your inner confidence and self-esteem. The more you manage to rebuild the positive image you have of yourself, the more you will heal. Surround yourself with the right people, the ones who don’t judge you, and take the time to get up


#5 Start living again to get out of an unhealthy romantic relationship

It is a substantive work that goes with the advice mentioned above. To raise your head and get out of this relationship definitively you have to start living for yourself again above all.

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After regaining a certain confidence in yourself and in your own value, you will gradually find the taste and the joy of life. It is important to regain confidence and open up to others again without throwing your head first into a romantic relationship.

Take the time to do things for yourself and only for yourself and enjoy life. It may not be easy every day, but just tell yourself that anything is possible and that it will be “one step after the other, one day after the other”.

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