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Giro555 raises 3.1 million euros

3.1 million euros has been raised since Giro555 launched a special campaign for the victims of the war in Ukraine on Monday, the organization reports on Tuesday after questions from Afrilatest. 

It is one of the highest Giro555 yields within a day in the past twenty years.

“It is a great, impressive and high amount,” action leader Kees Zevenbergen told Afrilatest. “It shows how committed the Dutch are and how eager they are to do something for the Ukrainians.”


Eleven aid organizations are united in Giro555, such as Cordaid, the Red Cross and the Refugee Foundation. The money collected ends up in the right place through these organizations and through partners on the spot.

Giro555 raises 3.1 million euros on first day of action for War victims

Giro555 raises 3.1 million euros on first day of action for War victims

“There is a need for immediate emergency aid, such as shelter, medical care and clean drinking water for refugees outside Ukraine,” says Zevenbergen. “But not only that. It also ends up in other places where it is badly needed, such as in Ukraine, where food parcels are made.”

Last Thursday, Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, more than 660,000 Ukrainians have fled their country. Russia is on the march towards the Ukrainian capital Kiev. 

This advance is slower than expected. The United Nations (UN) announced on Tuesday that more than 100 Ukrainians have died in the war, but the real number is likely higher.

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Peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine took place on Monday. What came out of that is not clear. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that he thinks it is too early for new talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky.



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