Urgent, global action can avert climate meltdown, according to IPCC report

global action can avert climate meltdown
The massive emission of pollutants and the consequent disruption in the Earth’s climate has been the great concern of the UN body, the IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which published last Monday, 20, a report with updates on climate change , warning of the urgency of an “effective and equitable” organization at a global level to avoid climate collapse.

global action can avert climate meltdown

The document is a synthesis of the last six reports of a cycle of evaluations that began in 2018. The next one should only come out at the end of this decade. It is produced by 93 scientific authorities responsible for interpreting hundreds of data, reports and scientific analyzes that at the moment point out that only a global stabilization of gas emissions can guarantee a sustainable future, with the preservation of ecosystems and mitigation of environmental impacts. .

“This Synthesis Report underscores the urgency of taking more ambitious action and shows that if we act now, we can still secure a sustainable, livable future for all,” said IPCC Chair Hoesung Lee.

The main cause of global warming is associated with the increase in the emission of greenhouse gases through the use of fossil fuels, which has significantly intensified since the Industrial era, with the burning of oil, mineral coal and natural gas. Therefore, the alert consists of preventing the Earth’s warming from exceeding 1.5°C, considering the Earth’s temperature between 1800 and 1900 as a reference.

“Without urgent, effective and equitable climate action, climate change increasingly threatens the health and prosperity, well-being of ecosystems and biodiversity around the world,” emphasized Hpesung Lee.

In order for these concerns not to become a reality, IPCC calculations indicate that global emissions must be reduced by practically half (48%) by 2030, and by 99% by 2050. The success of these goals even depends on reaching a peak in the reduction of gases by 2025. The expectation is that the necessary global measures and efforts will be discussed until the next UN summit, to take place this year, in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

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global action can avert climate meltdown

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