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Go in Faith: Jenifer is furious with Theo

In “Vai na Fé”, from TV Globo, Jenifer (Bella Campos) is enraged by Theo’s gift (Emilio Dantas) and decides to return it. Jenifer will return the car to the bad guy, accompanied by Ben (Samuel of Assisi) and also Sun (Sheron Menezzes). Later, Jenifer discovers that one of Theo’s victims changed her mind and accepted to testify against the villain, accused of sexually abusing several women and taking advantage of their weaknesses.


Renata questions Fábio about Lui’s paternity. Jenifer offers to help Hugo with his work. Dora talks to Wilma. Hugo tries to seduce Jenifer, who gets angry. Dora demands that the reality show ends. Lui decides to stay at the Refuge. Wilma says goodbye to her son. Jenifer vents to Kate. Sol is disconcerted in Ben’s presence. Vitinho decides to stay with Wilma at the mansion. Theo gives Jenifer a car as a gift. Yuri finds the profiles of some of Theo’s possible victims, and Jenifer is excited. Dudley tries to arrange a meeting between Ben and Sol. Jenifer is furious with Theo’s gift and decides to return it.


“Vai Na Fé” is a TV Globo soap opera written by Rosane Svartman, with the collaboration of Mário Viana, Renata Corrêa, Pedro Alvarenga, Renata Sofia, Fabrício Santiago and Sabrina Rosa, directed by Isabella Teixeira, Juh Almeida, Augusto Lana and Matheus Senra, with general direction by Cristiano Marques and artistic direction by Paulo Silvestrini.

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Tuesday, May 30th

With Ben and Sol’s help, Jenifer returns the car to Theo. Hugo tries to talk to Kate about Jenifer. Rafa photographs Theo. Guiga asks Yuri for help. Ben cooks for Dudley, Marlene, Jenifer and Sol. Clara likes to see Rafa take pictures of Theo. Ben declares himself to Sol. Clara is impacted by the photos that Rafa takes of Theo. Jenifer celebrates with Ben that Janaína decided to change her mind about the complaint against Theo. Hugo pays attention when Kate talks about Janaína with Jenifer. Yuri exposes Guiga in Icaes. Valeria goes after Ben in the office, and Lumiar hides her jealousy. Orpheus orders Hugo to stop Janaína from denouncing Theo. Jenifer and Ben talk to Janaína. Hugo threatens Janaína.

Wednesday, May 31st


Janaína hangs up the phone in despair, while Hugo watches her. Ben talks to Jenifer about the complaint they will make to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Sol is concerned when Jenifer tells him that she will be a witness in the case against Theo. Clara receives an invitation to a meeting with former models and asks Helena to go with her. Lumiar sees Clara and Helena together. Ben finds Theo and Lumiar at the bar and fears for his ex-wife. Theo tries to contain his anger when Lumiar doesn’t let him stay at his house. Kate talks to Jenifer about Orpheus. Sol decides to go with Marlene and Bruna to sell takeout. Orpheus warns Hugo that his debt to him will not end. Sol sees Ben and Valeria together. Clara confesses to Theo about her relationship with Helena.

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Thursday, June 1st

Clara is amazed at Theo’s reaction. Bruna and Marlene demand an explanation from Ben. Ben tells Sol and Bruna that he will look for Orpheus. Meire asks Sol to give her a dance class in the square. Bruna tells Ben about Sol’s reaction to seeing him with Valeria. Hugo and Kate try to convince Jenifer to give up the idea of ​​looking for Orpheus. Sheila tells Theo that he won’t be able to part with Clara. Helena insists that Clara separate from Theo. Alice asks Lumiar to defend Talita, a friend unjustly arrested. Kate is surprised when she sees Jenifer rush out of Icaes. Vitinho takes Anthony to attend Sol’s class. Ben watches Sol, delighted. Jenifer finds Hugo at Orfeu’s bar.

Friday, June 2nd


Jenifer is hostile towards Hugo and Orpheus. Everyone has fun in the square during Sol’s class. Sol and Ben dance together and reminisce about the past. Anthony speaks highly of Sol’s internet class. Theo worries about Orpheus’s threat to Jenifer. Lumiar obtains provisional freedom for Talita. Theo shows up at Sol’s house, and Kate despairs. Ben and Sol argue with Theo. Jenifer tells Marlene what Theo did to Sol and she kicks him out of her house. Hugo takes advice from Pastor Miguel. Grazi asks Orpheus for the security camera footage from the day he was at the bar, and he gets worried. Ben and Sol scold Jenifer for looking for Orpheus. Orpheus summons Hugo for another mission.

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Bia catches Simas and Bárbara together and creates a scandal. Tatá films Yuri and Vini together without them noticing. Guiga and Lumiar arrive at the Refuge. Sol comforts Jenifer. Fábio reveals to Lumiar about the relationship with Lui. Hugo tries to talk to Jenifer, who repels him. Kate argues with Bruna for insisting on having dinner with Clara at her house. Jenifer has news from Eduardo. Ben introduces Valeria to Sol. Kate and Rafa tease their mothers over dinner. Theo takes an interest in a woman similar to Sol younger, who appears in the Orpheus Bar. Kate is afraid that Clara will show Theo the photo that Rafa took of their dinner. Hugo talks about Grazi to Kate.

Go in Faith: Jenifer is furious with Theo

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