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Gran Turismo 7

The new Gran Turismo 7 is not only a simple racing game, but also an extensive museum where you can view classic cars.

This is a shortened version of a review on Tweakers

Gran Turismo 7 is a special game, in many ways. It is a game that many people look forward to for a long time, which belongs to the most iconic racing game series in history. Despite the increased competition over the years, Gran Turismo continued to lead the way.


The main menu in most Gran Turismo games was about cars, not racing. This approach is accompanied by a strong focus on achieving visual excellence. The question now is: does this first Gran Turismo on playstation 5 really bring us that level of photorealism?

The game contains a photo mode, in which you can, for example, place your brand new car next to an Amsterdam canal. It’s not the main mode, but it illustrates how Gran Turismo 7’s focus is different from most racing games. Watching and enjoying cars is a main thing here. It’s a moving car show.

Gran Turismo 7 Reviews | gran turismo 7 metacritic is not only a racing game but also a car museum

Gran Turismo 7 Reviews  gran turismo 7 metacritic is not only a racing game but also a car museum

An in-game car museum

Those who like it can find all kinds of extra information from many brands, up to what the game calls ‘museums’. For example, at Ferrari you can watch a mini documentary about Enzo Ferrari and read the entire history of the car brand on a timeline, accompanied by all kinds of beautiful photos from the rich history of the sparkling red Italian cars.

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Polyphony Digital takes players by the hand through the Gran Turismo Café. Here the café owner always gives you a different menu with an assignment. One time you have to drive a number of races that allow you to win specific cars and another time you have to tune or wash your car, or drive a championship.

Getting better and better (gran turismo 7 metacritic)

Gran Turismo 7 is all about getting better: you are tasked with completing a series of corners perfectly in about forty seconds at high speed, which is not possible the first time.


But by practicing you have through one of the problem bends, adjust your braking point, dose the braking better and you gain some time.

A little later you steer almost perfectly through the corners, but when accelerating out of the last corner you suddenly make a stupid mistake. Then, of course, you do not come close to the time for a large number of attempts, and then do it a bit better.

And then suddenly, yes: the perfect run, with a time that is good for a golden score. On to the next trial.

Collecting a lot of cars makes Gran Turismo 7 special. Cars that also look stunning: every detail is right and every reflection makes an impression, especially if you put the game in ray tracing mode. The way light reflects slightly differently on a different surface, or when the angle of the car changes slightly: those are the moments when you see the difference between ray tracing or not.



Gran Turismo 7 is the most fun car museum you can ‘go to’. The game puts all the cars down beautifully and offers tons of information about the models, brands, inventors and so on. The love for cars splashes off your screen and that is beautiful to see.

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When it comes to racing, there is a point for improvement. Because you often start at the back with a rolling start and have to make up a lot of time on the front cars, many trips turn into a rather boring overtaking race. Later in the game, fortunately, there will be more fun, more exciting races.

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