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Grêmio defeats Bahia on penalties and advances to the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil

O Guild had a thrilling match against bahiaon the night of last Wednesday, in Porto Alegre. In normal time, the two teams maintained a balance and the result was 1×1, however, the immortal won on penalties, by 4×3 and got a place in the semifinals of the Brazil’s Cup.

With the lawn visibly damaged due to the rain, the technical performance of the teams ended up being affected. The match started being very disputed in the midfield and the two teams trying to impose themselves physically. To the 4 minutes, Tricolor made the first move with the ball worked on the ground, however, Reinaldo finished it out. The game continued with the home team getting more chances.


To the 35 minutes, Bitello shot to the left, shot towards the goal and the ball caught Acevedo’s arm. The referee ended up giving a penalty and gave a yellow card to the Bahia midfielder. Right after that, athletes from both teams clashed and started pushing and shoving, which resulted in yellow cards for Everaldo and Carballo. After containing the mood, Cristaldo went to collect the penalty, however, goalkeeper Marcos Felipe saved Bahia. With one minute to go before the end of the first half, Everaldo managed to dominate from outside the area, rotated and hit the net to score. The ball died in the angle of goalkeeper Gabriel Grando.

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Already in the second half, the Grêmio team proposed the match more, even behind the scoreboard. Imortal maintained possession of the ball and created more clear chances. Just 16 minutes into the game, Cristaldo made a long pass to center forward Suarez. At the entrance to the area, the striker even tried to cover the goalkeeper with a header, however, the goalkeeper made a new defense.

In the 26th minute, left winger Ferreira, who had entered the second half, left Cicinho behind, entered the area and sent it to Villasanti, who arrived in the final and scored for Imortal. After two minutes, the ball was presented to Vina, right in the penalty area, however, at the time of the kick, the ball went up more than it should and the athlete isolated.

At 40 minutes, the game had a sequence of three visible chances, one for Grêmio and another for Bahia. First, left-back Matheus Bahia started the counterattack and played for midfielder Mugni, who managed and hit the goal, however, the ball deflected off the mark and hit the post. In response, at the right end, Suárez dominated and made a good cross for Ferreira, who sent it well over Marcos Felipe. In the counterattack, defensive midfielder Acevedo activated striker Ademir, who sent from outside the area and saw the ball end up hitting the crossbar. After two minutes, the Bahia goalkeeper saved again.


Suárez received it in the area and sent it in, however, Marcos Felipe touched it with his fingertips and the ball hit the crossbar again. It was the Uruguayan player’s last move and one of the last of the match.

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The story of the game designed a good script for Marcos Felipe to be the hero, with excellent saves throughout the 90 minutes, including a penalty in the first half. However, the decision ended up going to penalties and the classification came in distress and in the hands of goalkeeper Gabriel Grando. Bahia had six penalties and the Gremista goalkeeper saved two of them. The last one, which belonged to defender Gabriel Xavier, was what confirmed the advance to the semifinals of the Brazil’s Cup.

Gabriel Grando is Grêmio’s hero in the match against Bahia (Photo: Reproduction/@gabrielgrando34/Instagram)

At Brazil’s CupGrêmio will face Flamengo in the semifinals, which should take place at the end of next month (August). no longer BrasileirãoTricolor will have a rest, due to the clash against Corinthians have been postponed. In this way, you will return to the field only on the day twotwoat Arena Grêmioon a Saturday, against the Atlético-MG, for the sixteenth round. Bahia plays this Sunday (07/16), to the 6:30 pmwhen will you visit Athletico-PRfor the fifteenth round of the Brazilian.


Featured Photo: Grêmio fans. Playback/@gremio/Instagram.

Grêmio defeats Bahia on penalties and advances to the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil

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