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He takes me for granted

Gone are the days when he came to pick you up with a bouquet of flowers at the end of work. Now monsieur spends his evenings asleep on the couch. Where did the man you met go? Why did he totally change his attitude, and how to relive your idyll from the beginning? He takes me for granted: here are several tips to apply to turn the situation around.


He takes me for granted: what’s going on in his head

In fact this man feels that you are very attached to him, because you have proven to him through your words and your attitude with him.


He succeeded in the challenge of having you (conquest phase), so now he can rest on his laurels.

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A part of him surely says that love is all powerful, and so as long as you have feelings, you do not risk leaving. It is in a natural situation of comfort: it is indeed easy to receive when you have no effort to make. It’s even quite nice.

The trap is that as you go along you risk losing value in his eyes. It’s like a purchase: we languish the new smartphone that we will have at Christmas, but a week after receiving it has become acquired, it is part of our habits, and we no longer feel the need to take as much care of it as at the very beginning.

If this man takes you for granted, it may also be that he is going through a period of doubt about the relationship (and every person in a couple necessarily goes through this phase). Now that you have feelings, he asks himself: “Is this the right one for me?”, “can I project myself with her?”, “am I not going to make her suffer?”


He takes me for granted: the consequences

He makes less effort in the relationship

Your partner has become less caring, that’s clear. You are no longer a priority in his life now: you pass behind his friends ,his family, his work, his hobbies etc. It makes less effort on a daily basis for the couple, which makes you suffer. Indeed, you have the impression that you are leading the boat on your own.

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It values you less (He takes me for granted)

You’re missing this, you’re not that enough. Your man criticizes or reproaches you much more easily than before. He thinks less time before opening his mouth with you, there is no longer a filter. And it hurts, very badly.

When you put on a new dress to get out, or you pass naked in front of him, he doesn’t even notice it anymore. You have become borderline transparent, which hurts your ego. And you lose confidence in yourself little by little.

He no longer commits

In some situations, the man may choose never to formalize the relationship (or even to associate with other women) because what is the point of making the effort to commit? You will always be there, even if it doesn’t give you what you want. We might as well do as it suits him.


How to act so that he changes his view of me

1/ Be less demonstrative and distance themselves

So that he no longer takes you for granted, be less demonstrative about how you feel about him. Otherwise you will exhaust yourself to always give a lot, without receiving in return. And at some point you’ll have had enough.

Male-female friendship when you're in a relationship

Take time for yourself, see your loved ones, go out, invest in your personal projects. He may have a click when he realizes that he is losing your attention.

If you live together, or spend a lot of time both of you, this may be the time for example to take a few days for yourself, to go on weekends with friends. It will be an opportunity to recharge your batteries, and to make him feel a lack.

2/ Set your limits (He takes me for granted)

There’s nothing good about being too nice. It is important to understand that a couple relationship is also like a parent-child relationship: if you do not set any limits on the other, the relationship can degenerate and disrespect become the rule of everyday life.


Subconsciously you have surely allowed him to behave in this way with you so far. By not imposing a limit on him, he took complete freedom in the relationship.

So it’s up to you now to show him what doesn’t suit you, to put a stop to it.

So no, we don’t forgive right away, we don’t accept the unacceptable out of love, and we don’t keep for ourselves what we don’t agree with. We learn to say “no”, and we stop accepting false excuses.

According to a study, you fall in love three times in your life

This is how your partner will respect you again, and you will gain value in his eyes. Because that’s what he also expects from a relationship: an iron fist in a velvet glove.


3/ Remind him that you can leave at any time

You may be in love, but after a while you will be tired of not receiving in return, of never going into priority. So you might as well get the message across to him.

The aim is not, of course, to make him insecure by frightening him, in particular by blackmail. The goal is to remind him that you are not his, and that you can leave if you are not happy. Get the message across gently, but firmly.

4/ Strengthen your trust and self-esteem (He takes me for granted)

You don’t have to prove anything to him. He doesn’t like your head-in-the-air side? You don’t have to change for him. It is important that you stay in your relationship yourself.

Show them that you know what you are worth, and what you want. No matter what criticisms and reproaches he makes of you, it does not affect you. You are of course able to make compromises for the couple, but you do not accept that we want to change your essence, your authenticity.


Make him understand that you are an exceptional woman, and that he is very lucky to have you in his life.

Feeling in love on vacation - Romantic moment

Conclusion: he takes me for granted

A couple, it’s talked about. It is normal to take the other for granted at certain stages of the relationship, but it is important to regularly remember that the other can leave at any time.

You know that at some point your love for Him will no longer be enough if He continues to take you for granted. So it is today that we must act, that we must take back the reins of your relationship, and find your place within the couple

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