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Couples Do The Most in Bed

Every woman is always worried about her body shape. Moreover, those who already have a partner, certainly pay great attention to body shape because they do not want to disappoint their partner. But for men, women’s bodies are always beautiful, no matter what you judge your own body. Especially for women who are loved, for them each part is a beauty in itself. They’re always passionate. But if you really want to know, this is what he’s paying the most attention to.

There is no denying that this part of the body is indeed the most tempting. Therefore, men love to look at the breasts, observe their dense shape or hang beautifully.

It doesn’t always have to be a physical look. The scent of your body is also an attraction in itself. As you hug tightly, he’ll begin to memorize the scent of your body,


Things Couples Do The Most in Bed

In addition to breasts, men are most easily attracted to women’s buttocks. For them, buttocks are an important sexual attraction because they play a large role in sexual activity. All you need to know, not all men like big asses. So you don’t mind if you don’t have an average size.

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Not legs, but calves. For men, this part of the body can look sexy and seductive. Especially if the calves are slim. There are even tablets that like to smell calves as a warm-up for sexual activity.

Especially for thighs, another story. Men sometimes prefer to see certain parts in a half-enclosed condition. Especially this part of the thigh. They prefer to see thighs covered in miniskirts or shorts. So between open and closed, makes them more curious

It’s no secret that men certainly prefer a proportionate body shape. But it all comes back to everyone’s taste. Not all men put body shape first.


Obviously, you don’t have to worry, Bela. Whatever your body shape, it will always look sexy in her eyes. Especially when you’re not wearing a single piece of clothing. So don’t be shy, yes


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