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Honor of Kings is now available globally:
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Greetings, summoners and MOBA enthusiasts! The moment everyone was waiting for arrived: Honor of Kings is available globally!

That's right, the mobile MOBA that dominated the scene in China and Brazil can now be played in any corner of the planet, both on iOS and Android devices. From now on, players from Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and Europe can join forces and show off their skills on the Rift!

Choose Your Hero: With the global arrival, all 86 heroes will be available for testing during the first month. It's your chance to try out each character and discover which one best suits your play style.

And it's no small feat! Players will also be able to unlock 28 heroes and 21 skins for free by completing in-game objectives. Who will you choose? Irelia from mobile phones or Jinx from the Honor of Kings version?


Epic Collaborations: Get ready for collaborations that will make any pop culture fan go crazy! Honor of Kings will bring collaborations with famous global brands such as SNK, Knights of the Zodiac, Hello Kitty and Bruce Lee. These collaborations, which were already successful on the Brazilian server, will be available globally and will return to Brazilian players. Imagine facing a dragon with Seiya by your side or performing a deadly kick combo with Bruce Lee!

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Accessibility and Justice: One of the pillars of Honor of Kings is accessibility. The game is free to play and fair to win. No matter how much you spend, what counts is your skill and dedication. The initial download is light, perfect to run on even the most modest devices. Furthermore, the development team is always looking to improve the overall gaming experience.

Global Community and Matchmaking: With support for 14 languages, including dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese, and servers spread across the world, Honor of Kings fosters a welcoming community and best-in-class matchmaking. Whether you're a newcomer or a MOBA veteran, you'll find people on the same level as you. No facing that Korean player who looks like a MOBA god.

Esports News: From June 29th, the world will stop to watch the Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2. Thirteen teams from various regions, including Brazil, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Turkey, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, will gather in Malaysia to compete for a total prize pool of US$300,000 and eight guaranteed spots for the Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason.


Esports World Cup: The 12 best teams in the world will face each other in the Honor of Kings Invitational Midseason | Esports World Cup, with a total prize pool of US$3 million. It's going to be an epic battle, worthy of the biggest esports events on the planet.

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So, prepare your devices, call your friends and dive into this universe full of action, strategy and epic battles. Honor of Kings is here to stay and unite players from all over the world in a single arena.


Honor of Kings is now available globally:

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Honor of Kings is now available globally:


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