How can you earn money without doing anything (or almost)?

How can you earn money without doing anything

How can you earn money without doing anything

The idea may seem completely crazy to the most skeptical eyes, but it is nevertheless possible to make money without significant effort in 2021 . 

Obviously, we will not present you a miracle method to get rich in a snap: however, these few tips will allow you to collect sums which, once accumulated, can constitute an interesting contribution for less difficult end of the month .

Rent a room in your house or apartment (How can you earn money without doing anything)

How can you earn money without doing anything
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If you are lucky enough to live in an accommodation large enough to accommodate one more person , you can earn money by renting a room to passing travelers, or individuals looking for an alternative between two moves, for example. 

Better yet, if you live in a tourist industry , you will certainly manage to make a few tens of dollars per night – and this even if you only have a sofa bed to offer.

There is no shortage of platforms for publishing a rental on the Internet: they will help you meet interested subjects and promote your property. If you manage to find someone to move into your home over several weeks, you won’t even have any research to do during that time. (How can you earn money without doing anything)

You just need to take care of your accommodation, as you do in the past. Usually , making sure your roommate has access to all the comforts they need.

Answer surveys, read emails, test sites: make money on the Internet

In 2021, there are a thousand ways to make money on the internet without working – and without taking a lot of energy from you. Depending on your preferences, you can arrange to receive promotional emails that you just need to read in order to collect a few cents. 

At the same time, nothing prevents you from registering on paid survey sites , which traditionally offer you gift certificates or money to be credited directly to your account after a certain time, when you have accumulated enough ‘investigations completed. These missions bring little money , but they can help to enrich you gradually. (How can you earn money without doing anything)

If you’re aiming for bigger earnings online, be aware that some companies regularly seek testers for their website, mobile app, software, or even video game . In this configuration, you theoretically earn more money, but you are asked a little bit of work: you will have to report on your experience with your interlocutor. 

The latter generally provides you with evaluation grids that minimize your efforts: all you have to do is answer questions and report any dysfunctions that you have observed. Are you interested in this idea? Visit the job site , as well as the sites of the providers  UserlynX and  Testapic who seem the most serious in this area.

Resell, share, help each other: focus on the collaborative and circular economy (How can you earn money without doing anything)

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Different methods, both ecological and inclusive, allow you to earn money by behaving differently on a daily basis . For example, rather than taking the car alone to go to another city, consider posting a carpool ad beforehand . This way, you will be offering other people a cheaper trip, and you will pocket the money yourself (without doing anything more than you originally planned).

Other collaborative or circular economy models will save you money, or at least make it easier to reduce your expenses. For example, you will save a lot of money, too, if you use carpooling as a passenger (because your trip will be much cheaper than going by train).

Finally, do not hesitate to mobilize all the applications developed for the resale of second-hand items between individuals . They are very popular in a world where consumers are increasingly looking for second hands. Give up the clothes you no longer wear, the books and DVDs you no longer intend to watch and read, the furniture that clutters you, and even all the accessories that you think are insignificant – but that may appeal to other people.

As little effort as possible, but still a minimum of things to manage and initiatives to take

How can you earn money without doing anything

As you can understand from reading this article, it is not really possible to make money without doing anything at all . Here we present you some ideas that will allow you to earn small sums with minimal effort, but by no means sell you a miracle method – unfortunately it does not exist in 2021. (How can you earn money without doing anything)

However, if you feel ready to go beyond this idea of ​​”doing nothing”, know that many options are open to you: jobs at home thanks to the use of the Internet, courses and lessons for children, teenagers. or adults, the distribution of leaflets in the streets, the delivery of groceries between individuals, etc. 

Various one-off jobs, which require little time and do not require any diploma , help to increase your purchasing power, while socializing you and also giving you the pleasant feeling of doing things useful for others.


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