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How do I know if I’m in love?

Saying I love you is not easy to say… Are you ready to deliver your feelings? How can I be sure? Here are some signs that can help you answer these questions! If you have been in a relationship for a long time and your question is more about whether you still like it, we suggest you click on this article

You don’t stop talking about him

You have a real pleasure in talking about him about various subjects, his name comes up very often. “Oh Gabriel, do the pasta too well”, “we spent our time doing this with Gabriel yesterday”. You need to make it known around you. It’s a sign that you love him and that you love all those moments spent with him.

You have butterflies in your belly (How do I know if I’m in love)

Your heart beats when you know you’re going to find him, you smile when you get a call from him or a text message. You are in love and not only a little 


You become romantic

You want to say nice words to him, romantic songs make you think of him or movie phrases. Lots of things you want to tell him, you can no longer doubt the feelings you have for your darling!

The 3 main dimensions of love dating back to ancient Greece

You radiate (How do I know if I’m in love)

Yes yes everyone tells you, you are resplendent since you are with your darling, love suits you so well!

You forget a little about others

There is only him in your head and your heart, you think only of him. Even if you still see your friends (it’s important), these moments spent with them seem more bland (nice for friends ahah). Love wins you.

You remain modest (How do I know if I’m in love)

When it comes to talking about it, you are shy, you do not really know how to handle all these intense feelings, it is your small private garden and you want to keep it. This does not mean that you are not in love, on the contrary! Sharing small moments spent with him does not bother you but from there to talk about your feelings, the thing is more delicate and we understand you.


Do not panic it is normal with time you will no longer have any embarrassment to tell your loved ones that you love him. (How do I know if I’m in love_)

You feel alive

You feel yourself existing and exciting and it makes you feel funny! You want to sing and dance all day long.

What to do when the routine settles into a couple?

If you feel all this, do not ask yourself any more questions, you are in love. Enjoy these moments, these feelings that invade you!


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