How do I know if it’s the right one? 8 signs that prove it

How do I know if it's the right one

How do I know if it’s the right one?

You are in a relationship, and spin the perfect love, and, legitimately, you ask yourself: how do you know if it is the right one? But is it really possible to know if you have met your soul mate? This person who will accompany you on a daily basis for the rest of your life? Of course, no study, no analysis, no article will ever be able to answer you with certainty. But today, Parler d’Amour has identified certain criteria that show that there is a good chance that it will be!


1/ You are both yourself

A great clue that this is the right one: you and your partner love you for who you really are! Without idealizing yourself or playing a role in making you look like someone you are not. The mere presence of the other is enough for you to make yourself happy and filled with admiration. You are proud of your darling, and vice versa. In these eyes, you are charming, fun, intelligent etc… And vice versa! If in addition you never feel the need to impress the other, because you already achieve it amply just by being you… That’s still fantastic.

2/ You know how to manage your arguments (How do I know if it’s the right one?)

No, that doesn’t mean you never have one. It cannot be said often enough; all couples enter phases of conflict at one time or another, so don’t worry if that happens! But that is what both of you have understood. You are not afraid to address sensitive issues, and do not shy away from conflict. And you try hand in hand to solve the problem together, you listen to the other, and try not to get carried away in an exaggerated way. If you are generally satisfied with the way you settle your arguments, then this is a great sign for your couple!

3/ The life of the other interests you

A relatively reliable sign that your partner is the right one: you are both interested in each other’s lives. You would never have thought before that watching old photo albums together could be an activity that hooks you up and yet! The smallest detail of his past life, of his childhood, interests you, and you always want to know more! You can be sure that, if he didn’t consider you the right one, he wouldn’t bother to do all this, or to ask all these questions!

4/ You leave little or no room for drama

This, I would remind you, does not mean that you are not arguing! But when you do, you stay mature, and do it like two adults with their heads on their shoulders. You know how to recognize when you are wrong, you listen to the other, you are able to recognize when the other exposes points where he is right, you apologize if you ever exceed the limits. In short, your arguments serve to improve your relationship, not to serve them. Otherwise, be careful! If one of you is regularly having fun creating drama, resorting to emotional blackmail, manipulating emotions etc… So it’s time you set the record straight.

5/ Your entourage has the same opinion as you (How do I know if it’s the right one?)

If all your entourage, your family, your friends, strongly advises you to stop dating your man, then, in most cases, they are right (but not always!). It’s that with hindsight, they’re able to see things that you can’t see for yourself. But on the contrary, if your entourage supports you in your choice, and encourages your couple, then, be sure that it is an excellent sign for both of you! Of course, it is not always wise to follow the advice of those around you to the letter, but know how to take a step back from things… For your sake!

6/ You know how to make yourself happy

When two people share strong and close ties, they know what the other wants and needs. Do you know how to make your partner happy? Does he know how to make you happy in return? It can be in the smallest details, the smallest attentions! Do you know how to change the other’s ideas? Take away all his bad stress, his fatigue? Another good point for you!

7/ You have the same priorities in life (How do I know if it’s the right one?)

Whether you look very similar or are completely different, one thing matters above all: your compatibility. Because if you intend to last, and therefore build a future together, you must necessarily have similar goals and goals in life! You will quickly see if your vision of the future differs or not. If you feel that deep down, at some point, things will get stuck, then this is rarely a good sign for the duration of a relationship.

8/ You respect yourself

Mutual respect is perhaps one of the most crucial things to maintaining a healthy relationship. Respect is the basis of any couple. Without respect, there is simply no chance that you will be able to build a bright future together that holds in the long term.

Combined with communication and trust, you are definitely equipped to face all the obstacles that will arise throughout your relationship. It is not a question of respecting your partner only intermittently (when you are in public for example), but well and truly at every moment of your life. Otherwise, don’t plan to see your story last! (How do I know if it’s the right one?)

Try to see how many criteria you and your darling are able to validate. The more you have validated, the greater the chances that it is definitely the right one for you!

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