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How do I know if my relationship will last?

We all dream of finding the right or the right one, the one who will share the rest of our lives. But it’s not that simple!


How can I make my relationship last?

First of all, if you are very attached to your darling you should definitely know these 15 mistakes to avoid at all costs if you want your relationship to last for years and years! Everyone has already committed them, but the point is to realize that these are MISTAKES and not to reproduce them. (How do I know if my relationship will last)


I would say that the biggest mistake is not to speak the love language of the other. Indeed, there are five languages of love and, if everyone knew both his and his partner’s, I assure you that there would be far fewer divorces!

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Now the question is: How do you know if your relationship will last?

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How do I know if my relationship will last? Here are 28 signs that show that it’s off to a good start!

  1. You are happy when you are both
  2. You leave yourself free: he/she can go out without you, go on vacation with friends
  3. You have absolute trust in each other
  4. Communication is the key word in your relationship.
  5. You tell yourself all the important things… Even if you have your little secret garden
  6. You have the same values
  7. You share the same vision of love
  8. You are accomplices
  9. Together, it’s impossible for you to get bored
  10. He/She makes you better
  11. When you argue, you can talk about it again and move forward constructively (How do I know if my relationship will last)
  12. You get along great with youin-laws and vice versa.
  13. Together, you often laugh! His jokes, even zero, make you laugh to tears
  14. With him (her), you are totally yourself.
  15. You are not afraid of routine.
  16. You have already passed the opposition phase in your couple.
  17. When you imagine the future, you can’t conceive it without your other half
  18. You like to see him/her happy.
  19. You have never tried to change your partner and vice versa.
  20. When your other half suffers, you also suffer.
  21. You always have a desire for one another. (How do I know if my relationship will last)
  22. Every day you have little romantic gestures towards each other.
  23. You support yourself in chess.
  24. Together, you are a real team, like two partners.
  25. You wish him all the best.
  26. You don’t need to manipulate the other for things to happen like this or like that, everything is natural.
  27. You share common dreams and want to help the other to realize his own.
  28. You’re just happy both of you and don’t ask yourself a million questions.
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