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How does on-demand insurance work? Does it pay off?
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On-demand insurance is still new in Brazil, but it can be a cheap and flexible option. See the article!

Thinking about taking out on-demand insurance? This can be a great option for those who want to save money!


After all, this type of insurance can be “turned on and off”, and you only pay for the time you use it.

With that in mind, this is an advantageous type of protection for those who use their car little. For frequent use of the vehicle, regular car insurance may be simpler and more advantageous.

How to find cheap insurance? |

Next, we tell you more about on-demand insurance. Keep reading!

How does on-demand insurance work?  Does it pay off?

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What is on-demand insurance?

On-demand insurance is an option for protection for short periods of time. You can activate it for a few days, hours or even minutes, whenever the car needs this care.

This is its main difference from regular car insurance. Car insurance protects the vehicle at all times, throughout the duration of the contract.

In other words, a contract normally lasts 12 months. So, you are protected by the insurance company for all 12 months. Even if, for some reason, the car spends several months sitting in the garage.

During the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, for example. Many people started working from home and the car remained in the garage.


In these moments, the vehicle would not need protection against collision or lightning strikes, do you agree? But common car insurance guaranteed that for him, even if unnecessary.

The point is that the protection was paid even without being necessary, without being used. Which is very different in on-demand insurance.

As you activate on-demand insurance only when you need the protection, you also pay less for it. Much shorter than an uninterrupted period of protection, as in more frequent insurance policies.

To “turn insurance on and off”, it is common for the user to rely on an application on their smartphone.


So, before leaving home, you need to activate the protection, and then remember to turn it off. If you don't activate the coverage and something happens to the car, the insurance company will not pay for the loss.

As we mentioned, on-demand insurance can also be contracted for shorter periods. Like for a month, when you are going to travel and find the insurance company's protection essential.

Find out about car insurance coverage

Just like the price of on-demand insurance, the coverage offered by insurers varies. So, it's always important to assess what your car's needs are and find the company that offers what you need.

In any case, the coverage is usually the same as traditional insurance. Such as against theft, robbery, collision, fire, lightning strike and others.


It is worth remembering that it is interesting to only take out the coverage that is actually necessary for the vehicle.

The number and type of coverage contracted directly influences the price of the insurance, and you don't want to pay extra for something you won't use.

For example: if your city does not deal with accidents such as flooding, why take out coverage of this type?

Just be careful not to overspend and leave out important coverage. It will be cheaper to pay for the protection than to bear the losses of an accident later, due to not having taken out the coverage.


How to take out on-demand insurance?

Short-term protection is still a new option in Brazil, but increasingly, insurers are embracing the services and offering them to drivers. So, it's important to research to find the ideal on-demand insurance.

In fact, good research can guarantee lower prices. On average, the price savings of on-demand insurance compared to traditional insurance are 50%.

To purchase the best insurance option, it is also worth checking whether the company is authorized by Susep to operate. Susep is the Private Insurance Superintendency, responsible for supervising insurance companies and ensuring they provide adequate service to the user.

When paying for insurance on demand, the most common method is to top up credits. Like the one you do for a cell phone.


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So, you buy credits and make them available for use. When you activate the insurance, the top-up will be consumed and, when it runs out, you will need to make a new purchase of credits.

But this method can also vary. Therefore, again, it is important to check the rules of the desired insurance company.

Relying on a broker to take out insurance on demand is also a good option.

The specialist will be able to provide guidance on the best plans and insurers to count on. You can even make your quotes online.


How does on-demand insurance work? Does it pay off?

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How does on-demand insurance work? Does it pay off?


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How does on-demand insurance work? Does it pay off?

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