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how long does it take to move in together as a couple

You have met the person who makes your heart beat and makes you want to get involved. The projects start to swirl in your head and you think maybe it’s time to move in together. This article will bring you the answers and the avenues of reflection to move forward with calm and serenity. So, after how long does it take to move in together as a couple?

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1.What are your couple priorities?

Before you ask yourself: after how long do you have to move in together as a couple, you have to ask yourself what your priorities are. Indeed, before living with your lover, it may be necessary to live adventures and create lasting memories.


The fact of living together risks confronting you with an important parameter: monotony! This scourge that takes the couple to a “job-metro-sleep”.

Living together quickly becomes a no-brainer when you love a person.

But it is worth enjoying life before locking yourself in a common apartment.

  • Have you travelled together?
  • Did you take the time to actually discover the other?
  • Do you know his family and friends?
  • Ask yourself if living together is really a priority for you?
  • Are you really ready to live together?
  • Isn’t it fear, materiality or jealousy that drives you to want to live with this other that escapes you?
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how long does it take to move in together as a couple

We must not take the risk of going over in a few weeks. If you decide to take a common home it is because it sounds to you like an “obvious”. You will no longer need to talk or convince the other, things will come into place quite naturally.

2. duration of the couple an important parameter?

No statistical study shows that it is better to have a relationship of 6 months or a year to live together. The only parameter to take into account is your mutual desire! There are couples who got married after three weeks and stayed together. Others who took years to live under the same roof and separated within a month.

My advice as a coach is to take “the time” to know you enough to answer the question: will I bear the defects and qualities of my lover? Having someone snoring by their side or sleeping only 4 hours a night – this can be a problem! Having to do food or cleaning when you don’t feel like it – this can be a problem! That’s why time is life-saving: it allows you to get to know the other person.


3.How to talk to your partner about your desire to move in together as a couple?

If your desire to live with your partner is too present: it’s time to talk to them about it. I advise you to proceed in stages:

Doubting your feelings at the beginning of the relationship
  • Organize a romantic evening at home or outside: a perfect one-on-one to talk to him in peace.
  • Speaking by saying “I”: I would like to let you know my desire to << I think we are close to >><< I feel the need for >>This is the best way to get your partner to listen to your word.
  • Tell them why you chose them to be the person you want to share a long way with
  • Give him the opportunity to express himself by not judging his word and his desires.

4. What if my partner doesn’t want to move in together as a couple?

In the 21st century, there are no more “rules”: we do according to our desires and our feelings. Your partner may want to live in their apartment and see you whenever they want. Some couples make the choice to live separately to save their couple, maintain the flame and avoid the routine!

It is his choice and you must respect it! On the other hand, you can disagree and express your feelings to him. If not living under the same roof makes you sad, it’s not worth it! If waiting a few months frustrates you, it’s not worth it. You must never give up your dreams and desires! If you think that leaving is the best solution: Fine! What matters is tone in agreement with yourself.

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Being in a couple does not require ignoring your needs and desires. One must always keep a fair balance between compromises and one’s own personal satisfaction. Never act if you have to leave your dreams and desires there.

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