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How often should you see yourself at the beginning of a romantic relationship?



a romantic relationship

A romantic relationship

How often should you see yourself at the beginning of a romantic relationship? Because yes, at the beginning of a relationship it’s all fire all flame: the desire is present 100% we want to see the other and spend every moment at his side. Our butterflies in the belly twirl in all directions and we lose the notion of time. Everything is perfect and sounds like a no-brainer, why deprive yourself of a dazzling and omnipresent happiness?

However, studies on the subject show that it is better at the beginning of a relationship to see each other less often to avoid the risk of choking. Indeed, by dint of being in love passion we will abandon our friends, our family and our job – we must find the right balance. In this article, we will explain how to know how often to see each other at the beginning of the relationship. The goal is to find the perfect balance between the budding love and our present and important daily life.



We get into the relationship too quickly

When we start a new relationship, we want to see our new love all the time. It’s as if we were hungry, eager for everything that can fill us and satisfy us. This new relationship sounds like a flash in the middle of a dark night. It’s like waking us up from a long sleep! We rediscover love and we do not want to let go of it, because the risk of losing scares us, so we consume and over consumer the relationship.

It goes very quickly, because we go from a simple drink to a daily relationship that is similar to a long-term couple relationship. We live with each other, because the passion that drives us is so engaging that we live only for the other.

How often should you see yourself at the beginning of a romantic relationship?

Psychologists and specialists recommend going slowly and putting a STOP to the desire to merge quickly, because the passion is too engaging.

If you see your partner every day, it will be impossible for you to take the necessary step back to build the couple. Ideally, you should see each other on average twice a week. By acting in this way, you will be in a greater able to take stock and open up to other spheres.


It is important to be able to continue to live your life as you did before the meeting. Indeed, friends, family and the professional environment are an integral part of a whole. It is by distancing oneself that understanding can take place, because sometimes we get into a relationship for the wrong reasons: fear of abandonment, rejection, anxiety of loneliness… We make an image of the couple that can be distorted by our fears and neuroses.

Finding a good fit (a romantic relationship)

As in all relationships, we must find the best fit. Indeed, if you decide to put a little distance to regain your spirits, the other may not understand your behavior. That is why it is advisable when you start a relationship not to rush with your feet and fists bound in a passion that may ignite. Indeed, it is always better to take your time to get to know each other.

The body alchemy that can be felt at the beginning is a chimera. We think that everything is perfect, but it is not. It is simply the phase of seduction / passion. That is why caution will always be required in a relationship that is just beginning. It is better to tell the other that you want to go slowly. This allows you to get to know each other, we will favor outings, exhibitions, museums … The goal is to learn more about this new person. It is not by sticking tight in front of a Netflix series that we get to know our partner. You have to go out, see the world and confront the outside world.

To grow desire (a romantic relationship)

Desire can fall like a bellows by dint of wanting to consume too much. Spacing out the encounters is life-saving, because we are eager to see the other again. We can take the opportunity to imagine doing activities as a couple, talking by remaking the world, traveling, laughing: LIVE! For a relationship to live and flourish, it must be nurtured by the desire of the other.


We cannot desire what is constantly within our reach. That’s why you have to put a hint of frustration to have the desire to want to. As a result, we are not going to scare the other who may wonder why we are rushing, when we have just known each other. Remember that it takes a long time to really get to know someone. Just because you see yourself all the time doesn’t mean you know each other: only time will play.

How often should you see yourself at the beginning of a romantic relationship? conclusion

Ideally twice a week so as not to put the cart before the horse! We take our time and enjoy gently to appreciate 100% our new relationship. We do not build anything good in haste while time allows to solidify the bonds and to build a healthy and lasting relationship.

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