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How quickly a man forgets his ex



How quickly a man forgets his ex

What about men now? Do they quickly forget their ex? 

Many women who have heartbreaks often ask themselves whether their husbands will be able to forget her quickly. Of course, it is a terrible thought if your relationship has lasted for many years and you discover that your ex husband has quickly forgotten you.

Unfortunately, life is such that you have to accept whatever comes your way, both that which is difficult and easy. This also applies to a breakup. However, this does not mean that you should not take the opportunity to win back your ex.

In this article we will tell you: How quickly a man forgets his ex


Why controlling impulses is important so that your ex husband does not forget you quickly

The answer to the question of whether a man quickly forgets his ex is both yes and no. But later we’ll tell you the shocking truth from scientific studies.
Indeed, a man will soon forget his ex if she tries to win back her ex partner in a wrong and destructive way.

However, a man will not easily forget his ex if she proves that she treats her ex with respect and patience.

Women who are in a hurry tend to stalk their ex with text messages asking for forgiveness and promising that “it will be different this time” because “now they understand what mistakes she made.”

A woman who knows how to distance herself is often more successful in winning back her ex. Of course your ex likes it when you show that in your actions, rather than in what you say, you make an effort to actually do things differently.


It is therefore important that you first think carefully about the question “why did it go wrong between us”.

As soon as you know the answer, write it down and try to come up with concrete solutions. A man also likes it when he sees his ex approach the situation with a lot of patience. 

A big mistake that women make is asking their ex if he still loves her and if he sees opportunities that it will work in the future. Understand that your ex does not always immediately know the answer to such questions.

Due to stress, a man quickly forgets his ex

In any case, make your ex feel good when you approach him after the breakup. If your ex has not contacted you for a long time, it does not necessarily mean that he has forgotten you.


Your ex needs to have peace and space to reflect on the question ‘how to proceed’.

If you lock yourself up in your house after the breakup and you do nothing, you will radiate that your ex cannot expect much from you. Entrepreneurial, active women are most likely to win back their ex and make sure their ex doesn’t forget them quickly.

So don’t give up and pamper yourself so that you no longer experience stress.

Stressed out women are not attractive. Men don’t want pressure, and they certainly don’t want stress. The advantage that you are no longer together is that you now have a lot more time for yourself, to develop yourself and to regain your self-confidence.


Women with a lot of self-confidence are usually more successful in getting their ex back. They also get over their heartbreak more quickly. It is good that you reflect on the question of what should have changed.

Think of creative solutions for that.

Men love creative women!

Also pay attention to your appearance (clothing, hairstyle and sports). It is important that your ex gets a positive impression of you, that your ex sees that you are doing well and that you think about the future.


Don’t be afraid that your ex will think ‘ok she’s better off now than with me’. That is really not the case. If your ex still has feelings for you, your ex will certainly not forget you quickly and will rather think: if I am not babysitting, my ex will still forget me!

Confuse a guy and keep him from forgetting you quickly

The answer to the question “how quickly does a man forget his ex” also depends on the time you take to win back your ex.

First, start with a period of radio silence. This is usually 30 days. This is the only way your ex can ask himself what you are up to.

Sometimes you make sure you provide some information about yourself, and the other times you are very elusive.


If a man is unsure about you and how you are doing, that’s fine. It causes confusion and confusion keeps him from forgetting his ex.

Remember that now that you and your ex are over, your ex will also have a lot of questions. Your ex suffers from the breakup just as much as you do. You can’t just assume that you have more heartbreak than your ex

How quickly a man forgets his ex

man who quickly forgets his ex

A man does not quickly forget his ex wife if she ‘forgets’ him

Put your ex out of your mind for a while. So focus on yourself. Read good books, develop yourself. Go out with friends and have fun.

You can cry for heartbreak, but you shouldn’t get stuck in it. It doesn’t take you any further.

Also, try not to arouse pity in your ex. Your ex can’t comfort you and he certainly won’t.


Don’t think you have to make the situation difficult so that your ex doesn’t forget about you quickly.

On the contrary! Your ex will be much more likely to maintain positive contact with you if you are not a threat to him.

How Men Cope With The Breakup: The Shocking Truth From Science

Researchers at the University of Binghamton recently surveyed more than 5,000 people from 96 countries and found that neither the man nor the woman ever completely got over their breakup.

 The research found that men experienced less pain emotionally and physically than women.


You may be shocked now when you read this. But keep in mind that this does not mean that men forget their ex more easily.

The reason men experience less emotional pain when they break up is because women have more to lose from an evolutionary point of view. Craig Morris writes about this in his research:“From a biological perspective, women have a greater interest in being more selective in choosing their partner who will protect them during pregnancy and right after birth. to take care of the child for the birth and want to breastfeed ”

The woman therefore looks more to the longer term. A breakup feels much heavier for her when she is left on her own to raise her children.
But men can also feel quite sad after the breakup. However, men express themselves in a different way.

Men have a greater interest in protecting their image and self-esteem and will do everything they can to safeguard it. They would rather forget their ex than reflect on how it could be done differently ”


For most men, this kind of self-reflection is simply not on the menu. According to Dr. Scott Carol, a relationship expert and psychiatrist at the University of New Mexico, men take a different approach to dealing with their feelings:”Men tend to suppress their grief and display a ‘fake it until you make it’ behavior”

Some men make up for their grief by dating a lot … but when it comes down to it, they’re terrified of intimacy and run away when the woman wants more. Or they party with their friends to drown their sorrows.

Men can also plunge into their careers or their hobbies – they seek as much distraction as possible to forget about their loss and pain.

This is also why you can suddenly be unpleasantly surprised by positive or happy messages from your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend on social media.

man with heartbreak

How men bond and detach from romantic relationships

Do men break up their relationship faster than women?

No. Men generally take longer to tie the knot when they are unhappy in their relationship.

According to Carol, it could take years, sometimes decades, if they really loved their ex. They often do not want to acknowledge or show their grief to others ” 

Because many men have never learned how to properly handle their emotions, they don’t know what to do when they come on suddenly.“The tricky thing is that men are usually raised to hide their feelings. The worse the pain, the stronger the urge to forget,” says Carol.

Josh Klapow, a radio host and clinical psychologist at the University of Alabama, believes this lack of emotional development hinders relationships in other ways. This attitude leads men to view relationships as ‘achievements’ rather than as meaningful partnerships.


As a result, he says: “While they may mourn the loss of the relationship, it is more a failure than the loss of a person.” 

Their detachment also helps men to “enter into a relationship with another woman more quickly.” And apparently, this vicious circle repeats over and over.

According to Dawn Maslar, biology professor and author of Men Chase, Women Choose: The Neuroscience of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind and Finding True Love:

When a man enters into a relationship with a woman, his testosterone level falls, and increases the level of oxytocin (happiness hormone), which makes it susceptible to adhesion.


But once he decides to leave the relationship, his testosterone levels go up again and the oxytocin levels drop: he literally stops feeling love. “In other words, if he’s ready, he’s ready for his body helps him a hand to disengage.”

After reading this post, you may think “” what can I do to keep my ex from forgetting about me? “

Well, then I have good news for you! Sign up for the free ex back training and receive even more tips on how you can ensure that you quickly win back your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend!




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