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How to behave with an undecided man? 6 tips to help you



How to behave with an undecided man

How to behave with an undecided man

It is never easy to know how to adapt your behavior in the face of an undecided man who seems to keep his distance, especially when on your side you are tying yourself up. Many questions go through your head and you do not know what to think.

Does it just need time? Does he want a story without commitment and without a future? Is he very lonely? Did you do well to set your sights on him? So many questions that, in the end, remain unanswered. How to behave with an undecided man? Here are 6 tips to help you see more clearly.



How to behave with an undecided man? 6 tips to help you

Tip #1: Communicate to understand yourself

That is the first thing to do. You may have misconceptions about his indecision. It is indeed possible that it is right in his character and that does not mean that he does not care about you. His hesitation may come from his past love,a complicated story that makes him hesitate to restore all his confidence at the beginning of a relationship.

That’s why it’s absolutely necessary to try to understand him and communicate with him to know who he really is and what he wants. Identify his character and give him some time. Each person goes at their own pace, and it can be healthy not to get too excited too quickly at the beginning of a relationship.

Tip #2 to behave with an undecided man: Be patient

Patience is not necessarily easy to master. It is indeed sometimes complicated to wait especially when you have a crush on someone. Especially if the person in front of him is much more measured in his behavior. But if you think it’s worth it and the only thing to do is patience because it needs time, do it. It would be a shame to spoil everything because of your haste.

Communicate, listen to them while keeping in mind that it is as important that it be in both directions. You understand his hesitation but he must also hear your desire and do his best to ensure that it is balanced and to reassure you.


Tip #3: Apply the “Flee me I follow you, follow me I flee you”

Surely you know this saying… Despite your understanding and patience, you realize that his behavior does not change and that he remains undecided despite everything. So you can stand his doubts and sometimes even his coldness. So it is you who are beginning to doubt this relationship.

How to behave with an undecided man? Distance yourself

So take a few distance also from your side, it may make him react. For example, send fewer messages, call less, be a little less attentive too. Seeing you walk away may make him aware of his own behavior and make him react. This is the purpose of radio silence, to provoke a reaction on his part. And this will allow you to know exactly what it is, to see more clearly and then know what to do according to his involvement or indecision.

Tip #4 to behave with an undecided man: Don’t forget yourself

Do you think this story is worth it and you want to see it evolve? It is therefore to your credit to be patient and attentive but be careful not to forget yourself in all this. His distance or coldness sometimes hurt you and you live this situation more and more badly. Don’t stay like that.

Your nature is not to be that way. You need kisses and hugs, those indispensable gestures of tenderness, little loving touches and proofs of love to come. So tell him. You cannot sacrifice your desires and needs for the sake of his character and his way of being. A relationship must be balanced for it to work. If not, think about yourself and your well-being. Love must not be a sacrifice.


Tip #5: Be firm

You have followed all the previous advice and despite everything, you unfortunately see little change. Obviously it was not enough, you will have to be firmer. Indeed, sometimes communication and patience are no longer enough to move up a gear. Be firm. You can also possibly “bluff” a little. This will be a great way to find out if it cares about you and your story.

Move a little away from him, make him wait, show yourself distant in your turn. In short, imitate his behavior. You’ll quickly see how it reacts and if your relationship is worth it and can last. If his behavior changes, he comes back to you and the distance fades, you will have been right to make him react. If his behavior does not change, you will unfortunately have the answer to your question. It’s up to you to see if you can continue to live an unbalanced relationship that lacks reciprocity.

Tip #6: How to behave with an undecided man? Take a break

Despite everything you may have done, his behavior does not change. You feel more and more powerless in the face of this and you have no choice but to make a decision. Talk one last time with him and express your dismay. He must understand that you have no desire for your story to end but that his behavior must change. That you suffer from this situation.

Go and take time for yourself, with family or friends. Be aware that taking a break in the couple can be fatal. However, you are aware that there are no other possible solutions and therefore that you finally have no choice. This will have consequences if he takes it badly and does not question himself. But if the opposite happens, it will breathe new life into your story and you can start again on a good footing. Otherwise, you will have done everything to give this relationship a chance. Too bad for him if his indecision ruins everything.


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