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How to forgive emotional infidelity?



How to forgive emotional infidelity

How to forgive emotional infidelity?

Emotional infidelity. This expression seems curious and yet it constitutes a large part of what can be an infidelity. When we think of this, we immediately imagine a physical deception, an adultery linked to carnal pleasure. And yet, it can happen in one couple that the other is unfaithful without physically deceiving. Why and how is this possible? Is it more or less serious than a so-called classic infidelity? For the victim in the couple, is it easier to forgive? How to forgive emotional infidelity?


How to forgive emotional infidelity?

What is emotional infidelity?

There is too much tendency to limit the concept of infidelity to physical adultery. To deceive the other, in the collective imagination, is necessarily to have carnal relations with another person.


For each pair, the tolerance threshold is different.

Is forgiveness possible before or after the first caress ,the first kiss? To each his conception of what can and must be fidelity in a couple.

But what we tend to forget is that a real infidelity is above all emotional. So yes deceiving his partner is usually related to the desire and therefore to the desire to get physically closer to another person. If this desire responds only to a drive, then infidelity is usually only a mistake and does not last in time, even if it can be paid very dearly. (How to forgive emotional infidelity?)

Emotional infidelity is much more diffuse and can settle in time.

As the name suggests, it is the emotions that take up all the space and that can lead to questioning one’s relationship and considering someone else as the person most likely to understand us at the moment T.

Emotional and emotional infidelity is to deliver one’s emotions and leave the door open to potential feelings for someone other than the one who shares our life. It is not touching someone else or necessarily wanting to have sex with this person, it is sharing with him his emotions, his secrets, his states of mind. His fears, anxieties and doubts. And it is often because you no longer find this attentive ear within your couple that you turn to someone else.


That is what emotional infidelity is. So is it possible for the partner of the couple who discovers this to forgive this misguidedness?

Questioning your relationship to forgive emotional and emotional infidelity

To forgive emotional infidelity, you must first become aware of the discomfort that can exist within your couple. No one is 100% responsible in this kind of situation and it is obvious that the person who engages in this emotional infidelity puts his couple in danger.

In order not to end up with this kind of thing, you have to put communication at the centre of your relationship. No couple is immune to one day experiencing a crisis. The trials of life can tip even the most solid and the most in love of couples.

So for forgiveness to be possible, you already have to understand what’s going on. Why does the person we love need to confide, talk, exchange and create an ambiguous complicity with someone other than ourselves?


Without this why, it is impossible to find the how to forgive. (How to forgive emotional infidelity?)

If the other is indeed guilty, it is the couple as a whole that is called into question by this type of situation. Becoming aware of this is essential to save your couple. To become aware of the problem, one often has to accept to take a certain truth in one’s face. To realize that something is no longer going on and, without it being excusable, to admit that if the one we love is emotionally unfaithful it is because perhaps we have abandoned him or her. Set aside, not listened to, forgotten the attentions. Or that boredom has given way to the routine necessary for the couple.

Find one’s own share of responsibility for forgiving emotional infidelity?

It is obviously not a question of reversing roles and finding ourselves guilty of a situation that we did not create alone. The other is not a victim. It is not necessary to install a balance of power but if the couple comes to this point, it is because there is a fragility.

The couple encounters an ordeal that they cannot overcome, communication is temporarily broken. If this were not the case, your partner would feel neither the desire nor the need to create an emotional bubble with someone else.

So to understand and thus forgive, you have to know how to question yourself. (How to forgive emotional infidelity?)

What did we do or did not do to make the other feel neglected? What has been forgotten? What does it reveal about his couple? And above all, what is it hiding?


Are the desires and needs, emotions and feelings of our partner always the same? Is it possible to continue to see her as a trustworthy person?

When the virtual facilitates emotional infidelity

Emotional infidelity has always existed. Even if the deception of bodies is often more present than that of hearts, it is not uncommon to find in adultery that, often, emotions get involved. And then the specter of double life looms.

That being said, emotional infidelity is increasingly facilitated by a parallel virtual life, it is obvious. The current facilities for communicating day and night remotely in all discretion promote infidelity in all its forms. (How to forgive emotional infidelity?)

Wherever you are, at work, in transport, at home, on holiday, alone or not, it is possible to create a virtual bubble in one click. A message, a photo, a few words and voila.


It is sad to see this, but it is a reality.

If we can not prevent this virtual world from nibbling the real, we can at least choose how it enters our life and therefore in our couple.

Virtual infidelity is closely related to emotional infidelity and it is an evil so you have to be aware. To prevent it, it is necessary to communicate live in its couple and not to allow virtual disturbing elements to weaken it.

Trust is the central issue to be able to forgive emotional infidelity

Realizing that you are going through a couple crisis is the first step. Emotional infidelity happens very often when one is detached for one reason another from one’s couple. Fatigue, professional stress, distance, communication problem…

We don’t realize it but we’ve created a space that facilitates this form of infidelity. So, even if we are not guilty, we have a share of responsibility. This is the second step,accepting one’s share of responsibility by questioning oneself.


Then it is impossible to forgive emotional infidelity without relearning how to communicate with your partner. If things are not understood and if they are not said, then it will be impossible to start again on a good basis.

To forgive, to regain confidence. This is the central question, to rebuild confidence.

We must not forgive in the blink of an eye or say that it is harmless. The other must also take his share of the responsibility and explain why he has come to this point. What no longer suits him in the couple so that he feels this irrepressible need to get emotionally close to someone else.

But neither mistrust with insinuations, nor cynicism and irony, let alone sickly jealousywill get his couple back on track. To forgive emotional infidelity is to accept that the other had a weakness at some point because of a flaw created by both partners in the couple.

It is to continue to love it despite this weakness, to understand it, to accept to re-trust. Only in this way can forgive.

It is obvious that this is only possible if the other person ceases all ambiguous communication and also questions itself. We can all have a moment of weakness, be vulnerable,fragile in his couple. If the communication is no longer sufficient or does not solve the problem from the outset, we can switch. If an emotional infidelity has been created but you want to save your couple because you still love the other, it is absolutely necessary that trust takes its place.



Emotional infidelity is more difficult to manage in the sense that it is more insidious but we must also relativize it by thinking that the other has not turned this into adultery. It is not a question of lack of desire or a loss of romantic feelings but just often a need for attention. A need that could no longer be answered within the couple. and that you have to know how to put back in the spotlight in your relationship in the same way as trust and communication.

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