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How to keep a man

I am surprised when, talking to friends, I find that they do not know the most basic answer to this question: “How to keep a man?” That is why today I would like to bring you my analysis, which I hope will be useful to you.

How to keep a man?

To keep a man just bring him something, and I stop you right away, this something can not be your beauty or your intimacy. Other women also make love. The other women are also desirable, especially since their underwear was not revealed to her curious eyes, their breasts were not pressed into her feverish hands.

Be careful if you only bet on carnal pleasure, because if your man takes pleasure with you, and will continue to take it as long as you are together, he knows that he can also take it with other women. Perhaps they are less beautiful, these other women, but he will look at them and he will think of them, sometimes, because they embody at the same time the novelty, the unknown and the forbidden.



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But then, what must be this mysterious added value that will allow you to keep your man against all odds?

It can’t be something he has or already has, you wouldn’t be complementary. If for example he is already an excellent cook, it will be difficult for you to surprise him and satisfy him with your cooking. I’m not taking this example at random, follow me

In the days of my grandparents, it would have been implausible for a young woman to leave the family fold for that of a man without having learned to cook. My mother, just like her three sisters, cook, when they start, better dishes than two thirds of Parisian restaurateurs come out. Armed with this skill they then became irreplaceable in the daily lives of men.

Today, girls do not know how to cook, any more than boys. In my life – it may seem short since I am only 30 years old, but I have known more women than an ordinary man in all his – in my life so, I meet less than a dozen girls capable of surprising me at the table, and it will not surprise you to learn that I am in a relationship with the best of all.


Have you figured out how to keep a man?

Some girls have the advantage of being rich (yes, that’s an advantage). Others know the world because they have the art of federating and organizing parties. This one will send you Rimbaldian love letters, another will play you the saxophone. Some women simply radiate from morning to night, so that we hesitate to get away from it, while others have the rare gift of dressing beautifully. And when I say superbly I’m not talking about black jeans, a side-boobs T-shirt and Stan Smith sneakers. There are actresses who tell stories, cultured readers who surround you, players without whom you would be bored.

If you don’t like to cook, don’t force yourself, that was just one example. This quality that is yours, this passion that you can put forward, must be a pleasure (in any case must not be an displeasure) to be able to be cultivated.

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Conclusion, to keep a man:

If you want to keep a man, you can’t just serve him as a pretty receptacle, being a pot for his seeds. Make yourself indispensable in his eyes, and you will never be replaced by another.

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