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How to know if you are in a relationship

The notion of a couple, not to be confused with that of a household which designates people living under the same roof, remains quite vague! How do you know if you are in a relationship? At what point can we consider ourselves together? At the first kiss? At the first exit? At the first awakening in the same bed? At the first SMS declaration of love? To the presentation to friends, to family? Today we answer this question not frankly so obvious!


The frequency of your appointments

The first criterion that can help you determine if you are in a relationship? The frequency! The frequency of your appointments, your reunions, your SMS, the times when you think about each other… It’s simple, the higher the frequency, the more likely it is that you are a couple! So if your partner takes 24 hours to respond to your SMS, it is very likely that he or she does not share your notion of the couple. Some people refuse to attach themselves, especially seducers. Others are in denial, for fear of commitment. Finally, still others see the couple as an attack on their freedom… Either way, it’s important that you’re on the same page, or at least that you’re both satisfied with the way your relationship is going.


You no longer flirt with others (How to know if you are in a relationship)

A second criterion that your story is starting to get serious? You don’t flirt anymore withother people! It may not even be intentional: you’re just not attracted to other people anymore, you’re quite satisfied with the way things are with this guy/nana. Andonce again, if this absence of flirting is common, that your partner as well as you will no longer see elsewhere, then you can be sure that this relational exclusivity is close to the notion that people have of a couple!

illustrations that all really couples in love will understand


The third criterion? You and/or your partner become jealous! There, for sure, it’s the beginning of the end! It is one thing to refuse to look elsewhere. It’s another to feel jealousy point as soon as someone approaches your partner a little too much! Do you send (and/or receive) SMS constantly asking where he/she is? Maybe it’s time for you to set the record straight between the two of you, and find out whether or not you can think of yourself as a real couple.

You said to yourself “I love you” (How to know if you are in a relationship)

Have you ever said to yourself “I love you”? If you are still hesitant to qualify your relationship as a couple, it is because one of you, or both, were afraid to formalize things for the reasons mentioned above. If the situation suits you, that you feel good without declaring yourself to be in a couple, then there is no harm in that. But make sure you don’t make you suffer from one another by refusing to commit.

You want or have presented it to your loved ones

Another sign that you are a couple: the presentation of his partner to his loved ones! It’s kind of an officialization of your relationship, whether you like it or not. You seek the approval of those around you, or simply want to show your partner to the people you love because you are proud of it.


You told yourself!

Finally, the best way to know if you are in a relationship, or not, is to discuss it! It can be important and healthy to have a conversation about the subject, especially from the moment you ask yourself the question. It is that you are in uncertainty, and express an unconscious desire to be on the same page with your partner… And so much the better! Of course, things can just as well happen naturally. But don’t be afraid to put your feet in the dish and get to the clear. Otherwise, you may experience an ambiguous relationship and not have the same expectations of one another. Which could inevitably hurt you in the long run.

Male-female friendship when you're in a relationship

Ask the question simply (when the moment is welcome): “For you, we two, what are we?” or, more maliciously, with a little smile” It makes me weird to tell you that  but that’s it no, I think we can say that we are in a couple with you and me! »

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