How to make your couple last?

How to make your couple last

How to make your couple last?

How to make your couple last?

Having the privilege of making your relationship last is something that each of us desires at some point. It’s the dream of many people, especially when they fall in love.

Unfortunately, routine and living together demonstrate many relationships. Tensions arise, stress contributes, boredom occurs, it is very difficult to find people with truly compatible elective affinities and most relationships end up failing.

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That’s life? A matter of luck? Know or not know how to make your choices? That depends.

In reality it is not just a question of choice, but also of adaptability to situations and people.

In an article I have already written about the secrets of a lasting relationship I mentioned many aspects related to the subject. Here I will mention others and I will complement all these analyses. The cited article deals with male-female seduction. As for the seduction woman-man, I advise you to read the page here.

Obviously, the choice of our couple is an asset. On the other hand, there are many men who are satisfied with the first available woman because they do not feel up to seducing women who really like them. This problem also occurs in women, but to a lesser extent.

So, we must distinguish clearly, when we choose a couple, whether we are male or female, for a long-term relationship or even for a marriage, this person must really please us. This is the carnal attraction, certainly, but not only!

Considering the sentimental side (How to make your couple last?)

To consider a long-term relationship, we need to establish a very strong emotional and emotional connection with someone. It is necessary to create symbols of affection, not only the little love nicknames, but also a whole lexicon and a world of love that belong only to both of you. Thus, you will create a surviving emotional bond even in the event of an intimate crisis, or conflicts in the couple. It’s something that becomes like a blood bond, that goes beyond a simple couple relationship.

Then there is the factor of elective affinities, intellectual understanding, common tastes and cultural understanding.

People make the mistake of considering this factor as the only existing and the only one that counts to achieve good chemistry in the couple. While this is only one of the factors, but it has its importance.

So in summarizing, in a couple, there are three factors of agreement:

The carnal side, the heart and the mind. All three must be present to ensure a good torque connection and a lasting relationship. There are, of course, successful couples who disagree on all three factors. In this case, there are supplements. If the emotional side is strong and the carnal side is weaker, for example, there are elements of compensation. But in general, all three factors must be met for the couple ratio to be good and sustainable.

Other important considerations

There are also other elements that are important to ensure happiness in the couple:

  1. The ability to adapt to the other, even if we do not share the same tastes or beliefs.
  2. Tolerance of the requirements and needs of the other.
  3. Solidarity in the couple. Support and mutual support.
  4. The fact of not lowering one’s guard: the man as well as the woman must continue to seduce each other, to be desirable for each other.
  5. Don’t always be waiting. We only get recognition when we don’t expect it. If we do something based on recognition, the result never lives up to expectations.
  6. Do not live with it. Some women and men stop making themselves beautiful (beautiful) after they are in a relationship.
  1. While being stable, the man must continue to be unpredictable on occasion and surprise his girlfriend.
  2. We must avoid stupid feelings such as jealousy. Trust is something that is part of the love and commitment you make when the relationship becomes serious. If you are happy in your relationship, there is no reason to fear its loss.
  3. You have to invest in your couple or even make it a priority. If you have children or friends, your couple must always have their place and importance, you must always give yourself the chance to stay alone to enjoy your love.
  4. The fact of doing projects together is also important, because it implies long-term expectations.
  5. We should not expect too much from the other. If we love you, just take what we give you, without waiting or pretending differently. The best things in life are free and they are never given when they are required.

Ultimately, as mentioned in the cited articles, the most important lesson is summarized in two fundamental rules of lasting relationships:

  1. Our power of seduction must be something that is part of our life and our way of being, not just a way to seduce someone. It has to be part of our nature and not just be a mask that we leave once we reach our goal.
  2. Having integrated our most interesting points into our way of being (for example our seduction), we must always be natural and keep our natural, both before and after the conquest. There are many people who are not themselves at the time of seducing and who change afterwards, because they become what they really are. This is one of the main causes of ruptures and failures.

We must not appear what we are not just to impress someone. And we must not leave aside the aspects of our style that work just because we have achieved our goal. In a long-term relationship, we should always be the same person, from start to finish, at most make changes to improve our way of being, but without ever going backwards. This is perhaps the essence of the secret to make his couple last.

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