How to manage the beginning of a romantic relationship at work

How to manage the beginning of a romantic relationship at work

How to manage the beginning of a romantic relationship at work

You had a crush on your co-worker, and this attraction is reciprocal. In this new romantic relationship that is beginning, a whole lot of questions arise. This is quite normal, because living love at work is far from being a sinecure. Do I have to assume this relationship as part of the work? How do I behave with this person in front of colleagues?. In short, how to manage the beginning of a romantic relationship at work? So many questions that we will answer in this article.

How to manage the beginning of a romantic relationship at work

The beginnings of the romantic relationship, a crucial stage

Getting to know each other

A budding relationship always begins with a phase of discovery of the other. Do you think you know him well? Think again! Even if you were already close – or even friends – before dating, you will not escape it, because you do not know the person from the point of view of love. So there’s a whole section of his personality that you’re going to discover.

This person had confided in you about his love life, and you are convinced that you know which lover he/she will be? That is an indication, but it is not enough. Once again, there is a difference between the lover we think we are and the one we are in the reality of the facts.

Tame with lightness

In the temporality of a relationship, this phase of the couple is often experienced in a light way. We don’t put too many expectations in the story yet, we don’t immediately reveal our game either. This stage of flirting, love games and banter, is often perceived as not very serious. Yet it allows you to tame one’s mind emotionally, intellectually and physically. As it is too early to predict the future of the relationship, this period  of “trial and error” (no pun intended) is decisive for the future.

If this first step is not eternal, it can however be more or less long. Sometimes, in the early days, people protect themselves, for fear of revealing themselves too quickly or committing themselves. It then takes a little time to bring down the masks. Be patient if the other person needs time! Because it is in the interest of both of you that she is sure of herself!

How to manage the beginning of a romantic relationship at work

Cultivating discretion

At the very beginning of a relationship, it is usually not a reflex to introduce the person to his relatives, family or friends. At least not right away. It is necessary to “secure” the relationship first. At work it’s the same. During this phase where you learn to discover and appreciate the Other, there is no need to trumpet in all services the happiness that this budding love gives you. Discretion is the order of the day.

That you are experiencing something strong is one thing, but keep it to yourself. You will always be able to reveal yourself more in a few months, gradually entrusting yourself to a few trusted people. Or if you are not cold-eyed, by announcing the news publicly – surprise effect guaranteed! It’s up to you to see according to your character and style!

Siloing work and private life

You are attracted to one another, and you live a strong beginning of history. However, you are still co-workers. This means that your relationship evolves in two different spheres. You yourself have many faces: you develop different aspects of your personality depending on whether you are at work and at home. The transit and attentive lover in the evening can turn into a demanding and uncompromising colleague during the day… which can also irritate you!

How to manage the beginning of a romantic relationship at work

But be careful, your disagreements, whether they occur in one or the other of the spheres of your life, must absolutely remain there, and not come to contaminate the other part of your life. This implies being able to compartmentalize the universes as much as possible, but also to know how to relativize and make the distinction between things. Stay professional in all circumstances. Don’t involve your colleagues in your couple arguments. On the other hand, do not bring your work disputes home.

A relationship like any other?

So, of course, the situation is not simple. With those around you, you will have to use inventiveness to create a protective cocoon around your relationship. You will have to get to know each other in an environment that is not conducive to romanticism. You will also have to learn to rub shoulders 24 hours a day without saturating. But do not forget that no relationship is really simple, each one has its share of difficulties!

So a tip: hang on! Don’t forget that the game is worth the candle and may lead to a great love story! 

How to manage the beginning of a romantic relationship at work

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