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How to prove love to a man?



How to prove love to a man

How to prove love to a man

You live a beautiful love story with a man, you feel more and more in love. Everything is fine except that you don’t know how to prove your love to him. You hesitate, you have lost the habit of expressing your feelings. Or maybe it’s the first time and you don’t know how to show it. Words are important, but deeds have just as much force.

But how to do it and when? All this is not so simple in the end. You’re afraid of not doing well, of being ridiculous, of not being able to touch it. How to prove his love to a man? To help you see more clearly here are some examples of proofs of love.



How to prove his love to a man?

As a couple

#1 Little touches on a daily basis

Proving your love on a daily basis through regular little touches is very important. There is no need for a particular event to please him. Creating these little love attentions as simply as possible will show him on a daily basis that you love him. This can be at any time of the day and both a simple little gift and a tender gesture.

Some examples: his breakfast in bed one morning, a sweet word of love placed on his clothes, a hug when he wakes up, a tender SMS of love for him, a glass of what he prefers on his way home from work or his favorite menu.

The idea is that you take initiatives. Adapt to what he likes. The main thing is to please him, and so you will show him your love.

#2 How to prove one’s love to a man? By moments in love

The moments in love will not only allow you to prove your love to him but also to get out of the daily grind. As we know, the routine in a couple can do a lot of damage if it turns into boredom. So do not hesitate to give yourself moments of relaxation in love in order to disconnect totally.

Some examples: nothing like a candlelit dinner at home or in a beautiful restaurant, a night in the hotel, a romantic walk, a movie in love, a massage, a weekend in love or a day at the sea.

Create these kinds of moments regularly, those one-on-one moments where you only think about yourself. You will treat yourself, prove your love to him and in addition maintain the flame so difficult to keep sometimes.

We can’t say it enough, words are important. It is still a proof of daily love. If you are not too comfortable speaking and you let yourself be overwhelmed by your shyness there are tips to counter this. Write to him how you feel. It is an attention that will touch him. And it will help you express everything you feel that you can’t say. So get started in the way that most resembles you to make your declaration of love to him.


Some examples: use quotes or poems for your declarations of love, write him a beautiful handwritten love letter. You can also simply put him a little note with his cup in the morning, a post-it note on the fridge or send him an email to his work that he will open when he arrives.

What better way to start the day than a sweet word from his darling?

How to prove his love to a man?

#4 Surprises

Another nice way to prove your love to him and in addition to surprising him. This makes it possible to celebrate love in your couple by strengthening your complicity. Same principle as for moments in love but there is the total surprise for him who does not expect it or who does not know the program at all. Have only one idea in mind: to please him and thus prove to him that you love him

Some examples: buy him the last novel or CD he was waiting for, a garment he had spotted or his favorite bottle of wine. Or pick him up at work on a Friday night having prepared your belongings and tell him that you are kidnapping him for two days!

#5 How do you prove your love to a man? During an intimate moment

A couple is also complicity, intimacy and desire. To prove your love to him you can also play the card of an intimate and carnal moment between you. Use all your sensuality and seduction. Surround him with tenderness, affection and cuddle him. It is in these kinds of intimate moments that we manage to open our hearts even more and say certain words of love that we do not normally dare. Your modesty and shyness fly away and you have every opportunity to prove your love to him.

Some examples: create an intimate atmosphere one evening and take out the big game! Massage oils, rose petals, champagne, sensual playlist, play on both romanticism and passion.

#6 By simply telling him

Sometimes the most beautiful things are the simplest. You don’t have to come up with a special idea to prove to him that you love him. The most important thing is that your love is sincere and that the way you declare your feelings to him resembles you. So if telling him with your words, quite simply, is for you the most revealing way to prove it to him, the only thing to do will be to find the right time to tell him or repeat your most beautiful “I love you”.


Some examples: tell him I love you when you wake up or in the evening by going to bed, nestled in his arms after love, eyes in his eyes during a dinner, after a shared laugh, in a moment when you feel proud of him …

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