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How to surprise your lover? Use this simple flow



How to surprise your lover

How to surprise your lover

How to surprise your lover? This is sometimes what is most difficult in a couple: surprising the other. To surprise your lover regularly is, in a way, to keep the flame between you alive. Staying in seduction, which is not always easy. Indeed, after the euphoria of the beginnings, the passion often falls without being careful and then arrives a monotony that can sometimes have a devastating effect in a couple. This is why it is important to keep these little love attentions to surprise each other.

Know, in addition, that this is often what has the most impact compared to a dizzying birthday or Christmas present! Tell yourself that surprising your lover is also taking care of him and your love. And it’s not necessarily complicated! How to surprise your lover? Here are 8 ideas, so it’s up to you!



How to surprise your lover? 8 ideas to surprise him!

How to surprise your lover

#1 A few words of love

Nothing is easier than writing a few words of love on a post-it note left on the fridge or next to its keys in the morning for example. No matter how much you say that you love each other, remembering it with a word of love is very important and strengthens the complicity and love between you. And then it is often easier for people who do not dare to reveal their feelings directly to write them down. So do not hesitate because you will by these few words of love surprise your lover and make him very happy.

#2 An evening in love

If you have children, call on grandparents or tatas who will be delighted to give you this service! Or find a babysitter! As a couple without children, you will just have to worry about organizing a beautiful evening one-on-one. Depending on your tastes and desires, this can be a candlelit dinner, a hot bath with candles everywhere and champagne or just a small picnic in the living room. The important thing is that you only think of the two of you and that you have prepared everything he loves for him. You can read our articles on the original ideas for an unforgettable romantic evening.

#3 How to surprise your lover? By an evening but without you!

You may be surprised by this proposal but the goal is to surprise your lover! In a couple it is important to stay a little independent and to have your friends each on their own from time to time. Contact his best friends and organize with them an evening between men as he likes them! This is a beautiful way to surprise him and to show him your love and trust. It will do him a lot of good to recharge his batteries with his friends and then he will be even happier than usual to meet you afterwards.

#4 Go on a surprise weekend

If you can find a time when he has a few days off, it’s even better because you can leave a little more. Otherwise let him come back from work on Friday night and just tell him to get in the car. Prepare the suitcases upstream and hop it’s gone to an unknown destination away from home for two days. You can even push the surprise by blindfolding him until the finish. To you two days of relaxation and love away from the stress of everyday life, nothing better to surprise him and to recharge your batteries as a lover.

How to surprise your lover? 4 other ideas to surprise him!

#5 After the weekend, the surprise activity

If the idea of the weekend does not seduce you or if it is not possible, why not organize a surprise activity for two? Whether it’s a relaxing moment like a massage, an outing to the restaurant, the concert of his favorite band or singer or a sporting event . What you want, as long as you are sure that it will please him. You will be able to enjoy a moment of relaxation in love without thinking of anything other than living the present moment as a tender parenthesis in your daily life.


#6 Naughty messages

How to surprise your lover

Spice up your intimate life is far from easy when you’ve been in a relationship for a while or have children! Naughty messages can be a good way to get there. Send him a message at any time of the day, perhaps even daring certain words that you do not usually use out of shyness or modesty face to face. You can also send him a sensual photo of you that will stir him up the time to find you. By these little naughty attentions you will surprise him and stir up his desire, he will love it is obvious!

#7 How to surprise your lover? By a welcome unexpected!

Every night the routine is the same. You come in, kiss to say good evening and talk about your day. It’s normal, it’s the life of all couples, it’s a routine that also makes the romantic relationship. Modify this daily life a little and shake it up will spice up your life and surprise your lover. Welcome him in a different way than usual… For example with a nice outfit, a subdued atmosphere with candles and a sensual playlist in the background. Rest assured that he will be surprised and very happy to be surprised.

#8 A small gift for no reason

He loves to read and his favorite author has just released his latest novel? Or his favorite singer his latest album? Or he likes the clothes of a specific brand and always postpones his purchase until the next day? In short, your man surely has a lot of simple things that he loves! So why wait for a special occasion like your birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day? Giving him a small gift for no reason will surprise him and please him. You thus show him all your love and the desire to please him without any particular opportunity, just for the pleasure of offering.

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