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How to win back your man as a couple

You notice that after several years, despite the promise you made to always be in love, your couple is at a standstill? Your husband no longer seems interested in you, nor in the life of your couple, your relationship is disintegrating? Or has he just left you suddenly? Know that in any case, it is possible to win back your man. Yes, but how? Talking about Love details today the tricks to learn how to win back your man as a couple:


1/ Take stock

Whatever the reasons for your situation, know one thing: the wrongs are shared. No, he is not entirely responsible for the situation. No, you are not entirely responsible either. So run away from any bad guilt that will prevent you from moving forward and keep you in a vicious circle. No, you must remain dignified, dynamic and positive! Your situation, as unpleasant as it may be, is much more common than you think.


The first thing to do is therefore to determine the possible reasons for the departure of your man, the disintegration of your couple. To identify the errors that, once your man reconquers, will obviously not have to be repeated. Do not hesitate to put all this down on paper, so as not to omit anything, and to be able to return to it, so as to make your reflection mature properly.

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Very often, the reasons are multiple misunderstandings, a series of misunderstandings, a lack of listening to the other and his needs. Once these reasons are identified, find solutions that match each of your common mistakes. You will be able to discuss it calmly and calmly with your man afterwards. Because a couple is above all a team, so do not go solo rider and do the entire journey alone in your corner!

Whatever happens, whatever the situation, do not make the mistake of harassing him! And don’t resort to emotional blackmail if you have children, even if you don’t have any! Don’t be sticky or desperate. This will not make you attractive and will not improve the situation in any way. On the contrary, it will cost you energy at best, and at worst you will only scare it away more.

2/ Communicate (How to win back your man as a couple)

Renew the dialogue. Contact your husband again with a new life project. Show that you want to move forward and start a new way. You can do this by letter if you wish. If you wish to find the appropriate words, and not get carried away, interrupt in your thought. This will, of course, have to be carefully drafted. Weigh all your sentences and do not go to make a list of reproaches and accusations, rightly or wrongly. The lyrics fly away, the writings remain! And you wouldn’t want to make the situation worse. To do this, take a step back from what you have just written. Do not send your letter on a whim, wait a few days and see if you want to modify it, complete it, or simply keep it without sending it.


Consult a marriage counsellor/therapist (as a couple it goes without saying) if your man agrees to do this. A professional is sometimes essential to refocus communication within the couple. He will have the words and methods so that you can arrange your differences, as long as you both put goodwill into them.

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Reintegrate active listening within your couple! Because too often, with time, we let ourselves be carried away by the routine and we forget to be really present for the other … Listening to his desires and needs. So be really more present for one another, and willing to listen to him in everything he has to say.

3/ Break the routine (How to win back your man as a couple)

Escape together! Do you have children? Entrust them to keep to your relatives, friends etc… And go free! Go for a weekend, a week in love. Just the two of you, far from all the little hassles, worries, and activities of everyday life. Take advantage of this parenthesis to meet and really dialogue! You can also check out our 10 tips to fight the routine!

Ideally, reconcile these small holidays with a passion, an activity that your man likes, if possible, in order to place him in the best position!


4/ Seduce him again

The routine also goes through the bed! And the reconquest, by the physical! So to do this, to rekindle the desire in your partner, here are several relatively basic, but effective ideas:

Dress in a way that enhances yourself. Make sure to choose an outfit that every day makes you feel more beautiful, makes you shine. This will be reflected in everything you do, and your husband can only enjoy (re)discovering his wife in a new light. On the underwear side, invest in pretty, affriolant underwear that could be the little spark that rekindled the flame!

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In bed, be open to change, and will re-establish the dialogue if you were more of the type to lie down without saying a word to yourself, or to hug in complete silence. Talk to your husband and see what you can do to spice up your frolics again! The solutions are many and varied, and have limits only those that you impose on yourself. In short, you must also break the routine in bed!

5/ Unable to communicate? (How to win back your man as a couple)

Are you unable to communicate or see your husband because he has cut the bridges? Or do you feel that it is too early to start again on a good basis? And that it will be impervious to change at first? Take a distance, cut the bridges a little, breathe! And of course make sure you make the most of this break. Even if it’s not obvious. Rebuild yourself. Only in this way will you be able to envisage a new beginning.


If you have children, do the union minimum when you have to see your husband, without being too cold! Stay as neutral as possible. While showing (without exaggeration!) that you live well your break as a couple, and take advantage of it to flourish. Because if you want to win back your husband, you must already be able to be in harmony with yourself. Being sexy, seductive, attractive, goes hand in hand with self-confidence, dynamism. So get back on your act!

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Get out of your comfort zone. Make new discoveries. Do everything you couldn’t do for lack of time, availability! In short; bring change into your life! It is even possible that your husband. Surprising that you do not pursue him, and seeing that you flourish on your side, come back to you on his own!

6/ What to do if he has gotten back together as a couple (How to win back your man as a couple)

The same attitude as if it were not the case! Highlight your personal development. Do yourself a favor, do yourself good! And if you ever come across your man and his new girlfriend in the street, do not avoid them, but confront them! Be careful, without getting them into the bacon or making you as cold as an iceberg. No, stay calm, smiling and friendly. 

Believe it, you will be much more threatening for his new companion with this type of attitude than with any other (irritation, household scene, embarrassment, despair, depression etc .) ! In short, make every effort to become a better ideal than his current companion. Without ever trying to get it back. There is a much better chance that he will come back to you on his own after noticing his mistake!


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