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Huawei WATCH Buds – Today, at Huawei’s winter all-scenario new product launch conference, Huawei released the industry’s first pop-up magnetic headphone watch, Huawei WATCH Buds. Huawei WATCH Buds earphone watch is an innovative product that integrates watches and TWS earphones and subverts conventional smart watches.

It further focuses on “form innovation” and “function breaking the circle”, helping the industry to broaden the track and promote the industry to achieve a virtuous circle. develop.

Huawei WATCH Buds

Huawei WATCH Buds

From the appearance point of view, Huawei WATCH Buds are no different from traditional smart watches, but a pair of high-quality TWS earphones are hidden under the clamshell design. How is this done? It turns out that Huawei WATCH Buds adopts a highly integrated overall design architecture and customized miniaturized precision components.

With a thickness of 14.99mm, it realizes a 21-layer structure of three-dimensional stacking. On the basis of ensuring the functions of smart watches, it also adds a precision shaft module and other components to realize the smooth opening and closing of the clamshell design, bringing users a more convenient experience. 

The same is true for the earphone part. The whole machine adopts customized small devices. Compared with the traditional rod-type TWS earphone, the volume is reduced by 50%, and the internal space utilization rate reaches 90%. The net weight of a single earphone is only about 4g, ensuring that it can be placed in the Among smart watches.


Let’s take a look at the overall design of the watch. The dial is designed with AMOLED screen and 3D arc glass. The translucent luster of the arc glass is perfectly integrated with the AMOLED high-definition screen. material, adding an elegant and stylish atmosphere to the overall design of the watch. 

In terms of material, it adopts thinner high-strength lithium-aluminum-silicate glass, which is thinner than GT3, and its strength is increased by 25%. In addition, it adopts ultra-miniature precision shaft, and the smooth opening and closing of the shaft is realized through the matching design of concave and convex wheels. The dial immediately pops up like a pocket watch, realizing the storage of wireless earphones in the dial cover.

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Huawei WATCH Buds

Huawei WATCH Buds

After opening the cover, the earphones will be adsorbed on the upper side of the watch cover. That’s because the WATCH Buds earphones and watch cover adopt an innovative magnetic concentration array solution. ; Not only that, the earphones are also easy to place, no special alignment is required, the deviation correction function of Huawei WATCH Buds can adsorb the earphones in the correct position, saving trouble and doing what you want. 

There are two 360° surround-type platinum star rings on the surface of the earphones, which are not only the platinum-plated charging ring, but also a delicate and shining decoration. The overall appearance of the earphone is high-end and simple, which is both practical and beautiful. At the same time, the in-ear design without ear handles, the center of gravity of the earphones is more inward, and the wearing is more stable. It is more convenient when exercising or putting on and taking off clothes or masks, and it is not easy to be accidentally knocked off.

Huawei WATCH Buds

Of course, as a high-end watch, Huawei WATCH Buds not only has excellent quality, but also plays an efficient and convenient role in intelligent interaction. The new exclusive dial of Huawei WATCH Buds can display the in-position status and battery status of the headset, which can be checked by lifting the wrist; the smart control center on the watch can quickly turn on and off the noise reduction mode, and at the same time can control the headset to connect to different devices, and the watch can quickly Switch to let the headset have a screen from now on.

So is this subversive earphone watch only innovative in form? Of course not. Careful friends will definitely find that the two earphones of Huawei WATCH Buds have the same design. The biggest difference from the TWS earphones on the market is that the difference between the left and right ears is cancelled. 

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The reason why this design is possible is entirely due to the adaptive recognition function of the left and right earphones equipped with Huawei WATCH Buds. Simply put, it is to hand over the correction of the left and right channels to the earphones, so that users can take the earphones out or put them back. Comfortable: Put the ears back into the box, close the cover, and the left and right channels of the earphones can be reset, which is convenient and worry-free.


In addition, the wide-area auricle touch function supported by Huawei WATCH Buds is the first function adopted by Huawei. The earphone, auricle or the cheek area close to the tragus can be controlled, with a wider range and more accurate recognition. Avoid accidental touches as much as possible. Even on the morning and evening rush hour subway, no matter how shaken the carriage or how dense the crowd is, you don’t need to take out your mobile phone, let alone fiddle with your watch. You only need to tap around your ears, and the related operations can be easily realized.

In terms of hearing, Huawei WATCH Buds is the first product equipped with a full-band micro-panel unit, and the compact body can also burst out full-band high-resolution power. The full-band micro-panel unit adopts a four-magnet structure design, including three magnets at the lower end and a single magnet at the upper end.

The magnetic focus position is more conducive to the vibration of the diaphragm; at the same time, this structural design greatly improves the magnetic field strength in the space and brings strong driving force. Huawei WATCH Buds earphones also adopt a newly upgraded real-time optimization algorithm for triple sense of hearing. When playing music, the high-sensitivity microphone in the ear can monitor the sound of music fed back through the ear canal in real time, intelligently calculate and optimize and compensate the full-band listening effect .


In addition, Huawei WATCH Buds small earphones are also equipped with two pickup microphones and a bone conduction sensor. The two microphones inside and outside the ear can pick up human voice and environmental sound. The algorithm is further processed to effectively eliminate noise and enhance human voice. In terms of structural design, Huawei WATCH Buds also adopts a leading pressure relief design that conforms to the theory of fluid mechanics, which effectively reduces the pressure fluctuation at the microphone pickup port and makes calls clearer.

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Huawei WATCH Buds

In terms of health management, Huawei WATCH Buds has a sleep monitoring function, equipped with Huawei TruSleep™ 3.0 sleep monitoring technology (later will be updated through OTA push), making sleep monitoring more accurate.

Let’s take a look at sports monitoring. Huawei WATCH Buds inherit the excellent sports genes of Huawei’s smart wearables. It has 80+ sports modes, including 10 professional sports modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, and outdoor cycling. , indoor cycling, skipping rope, elliptical machine, rowing machine, free training. 

In addition, Huawei WATCH Buds can also manually add 70+ sports types (non-wading sports), always accompany you in healthy sports, provide you with professional data analysis and sports incentive system, improve training quality and develop good sports habits.

Of course, users can listen to songs while exercising to make the exercise more vivid. Cooperate with the Huawei Sports Health APP to experience functions such as one-click sharing of sports tracks, running performance index, intelligent running coach, sports voice guidance, collocation and use of sports accessories, and customized personal exclusive plans.


In terms of scene applications, as a smart wearable device, the use boundary of Huawei WATCH Buds has been extended again. Equipped with HarmonyOS 3, it can obtain rich applications from Huawei Watch Application Market, covering life travel, game entertainment, efficiency improvement and sports health, covering users comprehensively All aspects of life, such as Baidu Maps, Gaode Maps, Sohu Assistant, Himalayas, etc. The watch and earphones cooperate with each other to make your travel more at ease, and the information will not be missed.

HUAWEI WATCH Buds supports Alipay and WeChat payment, NFC access control cards, transportation cards, bank cards, and car keys. When you open the smart door lock, you can swipe it by raising your wrist, making travel payment more convenient. Of course, Huawei WATCH Buds will synchronize the text messages on the mobile phone, and you can also use text messages to quickly reply to messages. 

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As users’ lifestyles become more and more diverse, Huawei WATCH Buds has expanded more usage scenarios, supporting all-weather and timely broadcast of news such as weather, flights, schedules, and Changlian, and synchronous reminders for watches and earphones, making Huawei WATCH Buds a A powerful assistant in life and work, reducing the burden on users and adding energy.

Huawei WATCH Buds

In terms of battery life, the Huawei WATCH Buds watch battery still maintains a good battery life when it supplies power to the watch body and earphones at the same time. The battery life of the whole machine is 3 days in typical application scenarios. If you don’t need to use headphones, you can turn on the power saving mode through the watch. After turning on this mode, the battery of the watch will not charge the headphones. In the middle, charge 2 to 3 times a week.

In addition, Huawei has also launched a number of value-added services. For Huawei WATCH Buds smart wearables, it has launched an accidental service treasure (including worry-free loss of earphones). For out-of-warranty failures caused by liquid ingress, you can enjoy a one-time repair service with a service fee of only 69 yuan, and a 50% discount on the purchase of spare parts for a single earphone. 


At the same time, the purchase of Huawei WATCH Buds will also receive a new user gift package worth 100 yuan provided by Huawei Music, allowing you to listen to tens of millions of genuine music libraries and selected audio content. The dial market also provides a variety of new dials to choose from, such as “Sonic Buds” and “Functional Buds”.

In short, Huawei WATCH Buds, as a subversive product, has crossed the circle in the watch and earphone industry. Its convenience, interaction and practicality have been taken into account, and the effect of 1+1>2 has been achieved in the usage scenario. In terms of appearance, health monitoring, intelligence and sports, it redefines the high-end and professional of smart watches. 

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If you just want to change your watch or earphones, then this Huawei WATCH Buds, which combines high-end technology and quality life, is a good choice. It is reported that Huawei WATCH Buds will be officially launched at 16:08 on December 9th, and the price is 2988 yuan. Interested partners can log in to Huawei’s official mall, major authorized e-commerce companies, Huawei authorized experience stores and authorized retailers to purchase.

In addition to HUAWEI WATCH Buds, HUAWEI also brought the first smart viewing glasses to this conference – HUAWEI Vision Glass, which combines the lightweight and portable sunglasses form with mature and reliable AR display technology, in an equivalent 4-meter virtual space The 120-inch giant screen is projected in the center, with clear pictures and vivid colors. With open dual speakers, it creates a very immersive “giant screen” viewing experience for users. 


Support fast connection with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Hardware-level low-blue light Rheinland certified comfortable eye protection, 0-500-degree diopter adjustment is available for the whole family. 

Also on display is the Huawei WATCH GT 3Pro collection smart watch. Its body is made of obsidian black high-gloss nano-microcrystalline ceramics. The crown is designed with diamond facets and embedded with a black spinel 3D rotating crown.

The shell pattern stainless steel bezel is dazzling and shining. The Huawei WATCH GT 3Pro collection also inherits the excellent genes of Huawei’s sports and health. In addition to lung function assessment and COPD risk screening, TruSleep™ 3.0 sleep monitoring technology will also be released after subsequent OTA upgrades.


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