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Deborah Secco says she was judged a lot both by professional decisions – like playing Raquel Pacheco, Bruna Surfistinha – and by personal decisions in her affective life

“When I decided to do the ‘Bruna Surfistinha’, I had a fight with my husband at the time, with my mother, with my businesswomen, with my family. Everyone was against it,” he told the podcast “Prazer Renata”, presented by Renata Ceribelli.

“My sister, when I made the Playboy cover, I remember, she went to college and hid the magazines and put other magazines on top so as not to see her sister on the Playboy cover. Perhaps my brothers are very different from me. I was always judged a lot at home and away from home.

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Deborah Secco

The actress recalled that she started her public life at a very young age, and that the whole trial caused her a lot of suffering. “I really wanted to have a family, so I fell deeply in love. I fell in love a lot. I had a lot of passions. I had a lot of sex, I was judged a lot and suffered horrors because of that. specific couple. I suffered a lot because of that “, he reported.

Deborah Secco, who is super open when it comes to sex , also commented on the difficulty that many women feel in opening up about sexuality: “Sex is something that everyone does. The most incredible thing that I did in my life was sex, which generated a being that was born, grew up inside me. Everyone that was born is the result of sex. today everyone who was made through sex, existed through sex, procreate through sex, don’t talk about sex “, he said.

Even when we, women, are going to have to be oppressed and believing that sex only serves to procreate, you know? This is very overwhelming.




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