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I left my wife for another and I regret it – Couples who separate and divorce, there are unfortunately thousands of them. The reasons can be many, and sometimes it is another woman, a meeting that serves as a trigger. 

Some people leave their spouse to rebuild their lives with someone else, this often happens. Leaving your wife for another is not uncommon, what is more so is to regret this decision. Here is a testimony in this sense, that of Nicolas, 42 years old. I left my wife for another and I regret it.


I left my wife for another and I regret it: testimony of Nicolas

I met my wife when I was 22 years old. I was finishing my studies at university, she was the friend of a college girlfriend. We met a little by “arranged chance”, we enjoyed each other, we saw each other again and we never left each other.


We spent almost 18 years together, we settled down, married and had two children. I was a man in love, a proud father, in short a fulfilled man. At least for many years. Then everything changed.

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This woman, my wife, I saw her for a long time as the woman of my life. Today I know that it always has been, that it is and that it will always be. It’s her and no one else, only it’s too late because I’m gone. We left almost a year ago and for months there is not a day when I do not bite my fingers.

What for? What happened? I met another woman.(I left my wife for another and I regret it)

I left my wife for another. Nothing could be more banal, associated with the midlife crisis surely. I even understand that I can be taken for a stud.

And yet, I am now a man full of regrets for having left his wife.


My wife and I have had ups and downs like all couples. I know this is normal, only in recent years the stockings have taken over and the magic was no longer operating. We were no more than friends, a couple of relatives, sometimes even roommates, but more lovers.

Now I know that we were still in love but we missed for too long this flame, this projection necessary for our couple to move forward. I do not know why we did not notice it earlier. We have let this happen, we are both guilty of having allowed boredom to give way to routine and silence to prevail in

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our homes.

We certainly did not see the danger coming and yet it was there.

Iplead guilty to weakness, to having needed and wanted to vibrate again, to know if the man that I was was always seductive. Could I always please?


At a party with my lifelong friends, a friend’s wife joined us, accompanied by a single friend, freshly separated solo mom.

From that evening, my life took a 180° turn, I didn’t control anything anymore. I entered a phase with blinkers, I was blinded by this kind of persistent desire, this need to seduce again. This woman was there, we liked each other and I let go but in every sense of the word. I lost control of the situation, of my relationship, of my marriage.

I left my wife for another woman after two months of relationship

I did not want to maintain a double life ,I felt guilty and at the same time I admit happy to vibrate again. Only what I took for a new story was just a flash in the pan, a matter of desire, a need to reassure oneself. (I left my wife for another and I regret it)

For me as for this other woman who had just separated, it was emotional loneliness that brought us together. And nothing else. She felt lonely and my couple had been flapping for about two years. Surely I should have resisted longer, not sinking into adultery, I am well aware of that.


I left my wife because I didn’t want to play a double game.

I thought our couple could no longer be saved and I thought I could fall in love with this other woman. In a few months I changed my life, my house, my wife. I hurt the one who has been sharing my life for more than 15 years as well as my children. I am terribly angry about it. With hindsight, I tell myself that I didn’t really know how to listen to my feelings, that I just acted out of impulse, out of frustration.

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I left my wife for another and I regret it because I did not fall in love with another. I still love my wife.

This other woman was just a trigger for me. I realized how much the woman in my life was the one I married years ago. We were certainly going through a serious crisis as a couplebut what I thought was irremediable was not.

But because of my fault, my departure, I signed the end of my marriage and today I regret it. I was weak and not confident enough about the strength and solidity of my couple, I did not believe enough in its durability.


I should have fought harder, longer.

I know that I do not alone bear all the responsibility for the end of my marriage, my wife let things unravel too. Only she did not deceive me, she did not leave me. Today we have been separated for almost a year and I have not been with this other woman for months.

I regret having had so little confidence in our love, I feel powerless in the face of this future without my wife, without my family. For the moment we have not divorced. So I still have this hope that this mistake I made can perhaps be forgiven if not forgotten. I would understand, of course, if my wife did not see it that way.

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I try to be the best of fathers, I do my mea culpa, I asked for forgiveness, explained why I did that.

My wife is an extraordinary woman, she listened to me; there was no hysteria, no screaming, no broken dishes. Just tears and a huge disappointment. I don’t know what I’ll do for him. This hope deep down believes in a second chance. If she chooses to divorce then obviously I will give her her freedom.

But I will always have this eternal regret of not having been able to keep the woman of my life.


It’s paradoxical I know, since I’m the one who left. It may be too late, but as the well-known saying goes, “as long as there is life, there is hope.”

So as long as my wife does not become my ex-wife, that hatred does not settle between us, I try to do everything so that she does not become indifferent to me.

I left my wife for another and I regret it

To rekindle this flame that had gone out between us. I hope, even though I know that my regrets will not be enough, to one day regain the happiness that I had and that I did not know how to see.

I am a man full of regrets today but if loneliness is the price to pay for what I have done, then I will assume and continue to love my wife in silence.



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