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Ify eze

Ify Eze, a Nigerian actress vents her anger in a video posted on her social media page over the eactions of some of her colleagues.

This was immediately after it surfaces online that Pressing 4ward was kidnapped.

The movie star wasn’t afraid to express her opinion as she claims her colleagues’ act were being hypocritical.

The Nollywood actor, Pressing 4ward was allegedly kidnapped in imo state, which was was to the dismay of many.

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Ify Eze in her video lambasted her colleagues, which were in the Asaba film making industry.

Those who actually thought it was best to post the actor’s photos and share a word of prayer online for the actor’s quick return.

This was however considered contrarily to the intention of other by Ify Eze.

In the video, she asked if her colleagues couldn’t use their senses for once and pray for the actor privately rather than putting up a public show.


As said said earlier, Ify Eze considered this hypocritical and questioned if they hadn’t thought its probable the actor’s kidnappers were on social media.

he asked them if they posted the film star when he celebrated his birthday but thought it was okay to post their prayers for him online.

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Not along after Ify Eze posted the video, it went viral and immediately, some fans took their time to also share their thoughts on it.

The video soon went viral and some fans shared their thought on it.


“No mind them. Drawing more attention when even kidnaps will tell you not to involve police. They are putting his life at risk more but think they are trying to help.”

“May God bring him back safely to his fam lily and loved ones. The wicked Government has indeed failed us again.”

“What do you think u are doing now? Praying I guess? Don’t come here and form over Sabi, you are also trying to gain relevance through this.”

“You for give them money nah since calling God for help doesn’t make sense for you than to come here to make it worst,, people doesn’t believe there’s power in prayers anymore #ifyeze88.”


However, a number of them warned that the posts could draw more attention to the actor.

Others thought she might probably end up putting herself in danger.

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