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In a balanced match, France beats Austria in the first round of Group D of the European Championship
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In a long-awaited match in Group D of the European Championship, France beat Austria by a score of 1-0, at the Düsseldorf Arena. The only goal of the match was an own goal and came at the end of the first half. Austrian Wöber missed a deflection and sent the ball into his own goal after a corner taken by Mbappé. The match had several yellow cards for fouls on both teams. In the second half, the collision during a ball dispute between the captain of the French team and defender Danso led to him being substituted, with the suspicion of having broken his nose.

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Austria gives France trouble in the first half

The two teams were balanced during more than 90 minutes of play. In the first half, Austria showed more confidence on the field, giving France trouble, who were unable to make their moves as expected. Even so, the French took risks and in the 8th minute, Mbappé shot towards the goal, but the ball hit the outside of the net. After a corner, the number 10 tried to shoot once again, but Pentz grabbed it.

Without showing danger, Didier Deschamps' team continued trying to reach the goal, but the ball only entered after captain Mbappé's corner kick, in the 38th minute. Defender Wöber tried to take the ball away, but ended up missing the pass and sending it straight to the corner of the post. France's number 10 still tried to score his goal – which would be his first in the European Championships – in the 45th minute, and even though he was alone with the Austrian goalkeeper, he shot wide.


Second half with dangerous moves and Mbappé injured

The second stage of the game was clearly more favorable for France, who returned more focused on increasing the score. Mbappé seemed determined and in the 9th minute, he missed another good opportunity to leave his mark. Offensive, the current world champion, dared in several moves, with Thuran shooting weakly and leaving the ball in the hands of Pentz.

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A few minutes later, in a strong aerial move, the French number 10 went up to head the ball and hit his face on the Austrian player Danso's shoulder, going to the ground. With his nose visibly bleeding, Mbappé was attended to on the field by members of the technical committee, who tried, in vain, to stop the bleeding. The attacker was taken off the field to continue the treatment, but decided to return, even with the ball rolling. The referee issued a yellow card, and only then did Giroud take his place in the team. Accompanied by team doctors, it was possible to notice that Mbappé's nose was swollen, previously indicating some type of local injury.


Member of the French technical committee and player Mbappé after injury during the game (Photo: reproduction/YouTube/CazéTV)

Austria still tried to react a few minutes before the final whistle, in a risky move in the French penalty area, but the ball remained in the French barrier. At the end of the match, player N'Golo Kanté was considered the best on the field, receiving the match trophy.


kante eurocup

Kanté won the trophy for best player on the field in the match between Austria and France (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@nglkante)

France emerges victorious and candidates for the third championship

Austria and France return to the field next Friday (21). The Austrian team faces Poland at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, at 1 pm, while the French team faces the Netherlands, at 4 pm, at the Leipzig Stadium. After the first round of Group D, France occupies second place with three points, as do the Netherlands, but losing on goal difference. Austria occupies the last place with no goals or points scored so far.

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Featured photo: French team celebrates victory in a match against Austria in the European Championship (Reproduction/instagram/@equipedefrance)


In a balanced match, France beats Austria in the first round of Group D of the European Championship

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In a balanced match, France beats Austria in the first round of Group D of the European Championship

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