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in love but emotionally dependent

Some women need to feel loved to exist. A situation that leaves no room for “true” love within your couple. This is emotional dependence. Here are 7 signs that you are not in love but emotionally dependent.

7 signs that you are not in love but emotionally dependent

You want to control his whole life.

You need to control his life! You want to know everything and even decide for it. But on the other hand it only works in your direction… In this story he has absolutely no say.

You want to change his personality

You want at all costs that it changes, that it corresponds absolutely to what you are looking for in a man, in short that it is perfect in fact! But in truth, you don’t really know what you want and so you have this need to want to control everything.


You always want to feel loved. (in love but emotionally dependent)

He tells you “I love you” but not enough according to you! You even blame him. You always need to please whether with him or on the street, in bars… You need to feel all eyes on you.

You don’t take it into consideration.

Regarding the decisions, it’s simple you make them all!!!! He tries to make efforts to live up to your expectations. But there is nothing to do, he always comes last!

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You change your habits for him (in love but emotionally dependent)

He offers you a small outing on a Tuesday, but here Tuesday is reserved for girlfriends. How to do it? You decide to cancel the girlfriend outing to stay with him. Because you want to be glued to him all the time even if it means abandoning your friends.

You don’t trust him

The basis of a relationship is to trust each other. But here you do not trust him at all! You spend your time spying on him. Like a real detective, in the evening it is the interrogation, you preach the false to have the true. (in love but emotionally dependent)


The real reason I know is that you have absolutely no confidence in yourself. You are not in love but emotionally dependent.

You can’t stand being without him and even less that he has a blast without you!

You are afraid of loneliness, you can’t stand to know it elsewhere. That he has fun without you annoys you to the highest point because without him, you can not be happy, even when you are well surrounded.


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