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Intelligence Prime Capital

You’ve seen the crazy rates announced by Intelligence Prime Capital (IPC) and you’re having trouble making up your mind, are you intrigued?

As a blogger I write weekly articles about network marketing companies.
My goal: to search, snoop, analyze information and synthesize it for you.

Table of Contents


  • In summary we will discover the company Intelligence Prime Capital and what it really offers in terms of service. 
  • We are also going to make an inventory of its current regulations in order to know if it has every chance of lasting over time.
  • We will also see the key points you need to know before depositing your first euros at IPC. 
  • We will take a detour on a simulation of earnings in relation to the profitability offered by this company.
  • And finally we will give you our complete opinion on Intelligence Prime Capital so that you are able to make your own decisions to diversify your sources of income in a safe and sustainable way.

NOTE: I’m not developing the Intelligence Prime Capital ( “IPC” ) business, so my opinion remains objective.

Let’s go: you will soon know everything about this Intelligence Prime Capital opportunity and especially if in your opinion it has the criteria you are looking for!



what is Intelligence Prime Capital?

Intelligence Prime Capital is a Canadian company with an international reach, committed to providing users around the world with a comprehensive suite of digital asset services. They specialize in particular in the research and development of innovative solutions , such as quantitative trading, artificial intelligence trading robots, cloud storage systems and business management software. IPC registers as a Fintech company . That is to say a technology company offering financial services.

Intelligence Prime Capital strives to uphold the principles of innovation, collaboration and integrity to continuously create and redefine the value offered to their users . Today they have a potential presence in over 10 countries around the world. And they make every effort to bring high quality products and services to best satisfy their customers.

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1- Who is behind Intelligence Prime Capital IPC in your opinion?

You’re going to tell me one more automated trading product , aren’t you? I feel like it’s on the rise right now. 

So, let’s see what this new concept has in store for us, ok? 


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Intelligence Prime Capital

Who are the leaders of Intelligence Prime Capital IPC?

After several searches, I could not find the founders of IPC Trade. On the other hand, I found the CMO, the head of Marketing who is Dr. Val Ng See Huat. “ip capital” boss

On his LinkedIn profile, we can see that he has been the CMO of Intelligence Prime Capital since June 2021. 

We also see that his work at IPC is part-time because he rather highlights his job at the Guinean embassy in Kuala Lumpur. 

Of course, difficult to know if it is a real profile, in any case it looks very real.


Here is a video in which he presents IPC Trade Capital (use the automatic translation if you are a quiche in English ;)): 

What are its results?

For the moment, we can’t really talk about results because the company is very recent. 

At the level of trades, the results are positive because the company shows between 15% and 45% of profits per month. 

What is his mission ?

Its mission is quite simple, to offer you innovative trading tools usually reserved for large institutions. 


The goal is to help you realize your true potential to survive in the financial markets. 

And Intelligence Prime Capital or IPC, what is it in the end?

IPC Trade specializes in Fintech. But what about Fintech will you tell me? 

These are the technologies of finance. Basically, the company provides technological and advanced tools for the financial markets. It can therefore be AI robots, applications, software, etc.

The company was created in June 2021 . And it has a financial certification that authorizes it to carry out its activities . I’ll tell you more about it below, so read well until the end… 


2- So, in your opinion, are the IPC Intelligence Prime Capital services really of high quality?

Guess that’s what you’re here for, right? What are the advantages of the products offered by IPC? 

Are they reliable? Let’s see it all together, okay? 

IPC Trade products, here is what they offer you.

As I write these lines, they offer 2 products including a flagship that I will focus on. 

IP Cloud

It is a storage and management service for your digital assets. The idea is to provide reliable and trusted daycare for everyone. 


This product is only at the project stage for the moment. So let’s stay on the lookout for its evolution. 

AIA Bot: up to 45% per month! 

Yes, you read that right, up to 45% per month return on investment! 

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This service allows you to have access to 3 different trading robots (or bots ) . It is IPC’s flagship product. 


For this trading robot, the license is $19.90 for life . It allows you to have up to 15% ROI (return on investment per month). 


To access the Smart Bot, you will need to meet certain conditions such as: 

  • deposit a minimum of $100, 
  • the maximum deposit is limited to $300.

This robot trades between 1 to 2 times a day. With this robot, you will be quite limited because the maximum deposit is quickly reached. 

Brilliant Bot.

This trading robot is $39.90 for life . It allows you to reach an ROI of 30% per month (not guaranteed of course). 

This requires you: 

  • a minimum deposit of $100,
  • a maximum deposit of $1000.

This trading bot will perform 1 to 3 trades per day. It’s the mid-range bot I would say. 


It is the flagship bot of the IPC company. This one will cost you $99.90 for life . And it is this famous robot that gives you the potential to reach an ROI of 45% per month (still not guaranteed). 


In terms of conditions, it looks like this: 

  • minimum deposit of $100,
  • the maximum deposit amount is unlimited. 

This robot will place between 1 and 4 trades per day. 

Small clarification:  these 3 BOTs only trade on Forex (currency market), therefore from Monday to Friday.

Another important point …

Surely you must be wondering how the company compensates itself with licenses at such low prices for life, right? 


You may have said to yourself that it smells like a scam! 

Me too, I thought about it and I will answer you right away before giving you my IPC opinion at the end of this article. 

In fact, Intelligence Prime Capital is going to take 20% a week of your profits.

I’ll give you an example…


Let’s imagine that you deposit a capital of $1000 on the Genius Bot. The first month, you reach 45% ROI, which brings you $450. 

This amounts to about $112 per week and it is sure that amount that IPC will take 20% per week. 

So week 1, you will have $89 left instead of $112 and so on each week depending on the profits you have made. 

Finally, to finish on this example, you will therefore have about $356 in profits after one month. This equates to a net ROI of 35/36%. Which is still very interesting. 


So that’s how the IPC company gets paid well. 

Consumer Opinions on Prime Capital IPC Intelligence Services .

Since the robots are running very well and delivering on their promise as of this writing, customer reviews are bound to be positive . 

Now, with these kinds of returns, anything can happen and also reverse overnight. You must therefore be aware of the risks involved! 

If you are thinking of putting marbles in it, then think about putting in what you can afford to lose and recover your basic investment as quickly as possible. 


You can then let the interest run smoothly without fear of losing your starting capital. 

Before continuing your reading, if you have trouble getting regular results,  take advantage of this method .

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3- How much money will you earn with the Intelligence Prime Capital compensation plan in your opinion?

To make itself known, Intelligence Prime Capital had the intelligence (great pun Jean-Luc) to use the power of relationship marketing. 

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So I’m going to explain to you in this paragraph how their compensation plan works, ok? 


How to get started with IPC Trade?

Getting started with IPC is quite simple. 

You will receive an affiliate link from the person who told you about it (on my side, I’m not there). 

You will have the usual registration information to fill in such as name, first name… 

Then you will have access to the IPC back-office, you will have to carry out an identity verification (compulsory to be able to invest). 


Once you have done so, you can pay for your license by choosing a trading BOT and proceed to send the funds which will be traded by the robot.

A little info by the way, transfers between your binance or other wallet and IPC are only done in USDT TRC20 for the moment.

Another point to note: 20% of your initial investment will be blocked for 3 months. 

And what about the compensation plan?

You got it, there are several ways to make money with IPC in addition to trading robot earnings . If you decide to promote it of course, because it is not mandatory. 


The AIA Bot System bonus. 

This commission will only apply to your first level of sponsorship. You get 10% commission on the licenses you have sold. 

For example, for a Genius Bot license at $99.90, you will receive $9.90 in commissions. 

The sponsorship bonus. 

This bonus will also apply to the first level of sponsorship only. 

And it is also 10% but this time in relation to the amount of your godchild’s capital . 


For example, if the person you sponsored deposits a capital of $1000. The IPC company rewards you for this new customer and the deposit amount. 

IPC will therefore transfer $100 to your wallet. 

Bonus management. 

You are here on Intelligence Prime Capital Company Career Plan. Because it is here that you will be able to be paid to develop an MLM team. 

This time, you receive commissions only on the profits generated through trading. And those on several levels of depth (up to 20). 


To unlock the different percentages of commissions, you will have to reach personal and group sales levels. 

Here are the percentages of gains you have on the depth levels… 

Intelligence Prime Capital

And to unlock these commission percentages, here are the sales you will have to make: 

Intelligence Prime Capital

4- My definite opinion on this company!

Here is the fateful moment that you are surely waiting for, right? 

So, what is my opinion on Intelligence Prime Capital? Rather positive or downright negative? 

Let’s take a closer look, ok? 


Here are the strengths, which in my opinion, bring you confidence

1 – You can withdraw your funds at any time. 

From the information I found, the capital is available at all times. So there are no pack systems like in some investment MLMs . 

You can only withdraw on weekends. Be careful, depending on the zone in which you are, you may not be able to withdraw on Sunday evening for example.

I couldn’t find any other information on possible withdrawal fees or limits. I’ll come back here with the info as soon as I know.

2 – The trading strategy and the drawdown.

Well, I’m going to use technical terms here for the connoisseurs. The AI ​​robot uses the scalping method and only opens one position at a time. 


So no martingale. 

And the maximum drawdown is 1%, which greatly limits losses. 

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To translate you if you don’t know more about trading than that. Basically, the method used is one of the least risky in trading. 

3 – Tracking on MT4. 

MT4 or metatrader 4 is a tool that will connect to your trading account to track trades. 


You therefore have instant visibility on the trades made by the robot. Unlike some MLMs where you only see trades on their back office. 

MT4 is an application used by many traders around the world. 

4 – The speed to recover its initial investment.

If you choose the Genius Bot, you should get away with 36% net profit per month. 

This means that you will recover your initial investment in about 3 months.


Then, you are free to reinvest it if you have a taste for risk. Or to remove it if you have a rather “good father” profile.

I advise you to withdraw your initial stake after 3 or 4 months and then to use a 30/70 strategy.
Every month you withdraw 30% of your profits for the month and you reinvest the remaining 70%. 

And now you’re going to say to me: “It’s great Jean-Luc, but what are the negative points then? »

1 – Not interesting for large capitals. 

If you have €30,000 to place on the Genius Bot, you will therefore receive an average of €13,500 per month in gross profits. And €10,800 on average in net profits per month.

This means that you will donate €2,800 per month in fees to the IPC company . It still pays you a beautiful villa on the edge of the sea I want to say. 


In this case, if you have large capital to invest, in my humble opinion, it is better to place it on a robot with less fees or subscription.

2 – Difficult to maintain such returns over the long term. 

Well, so far, the companies that have offered this kind of returns in MLM have never lasted long (rarely more than 2 years).

I do not see for the moment how Intelligence Prime Capital could keep up the pace in the long term. Unless you evolve quickly and make different offers as offered by investment funds. 

Only time will give us the answers.


3 – The untraceable CEO.

Well, the CMO ok, we see who knows. But the CEO and the creator of the robot, where are they? Why don’t they show their faces? 

Luckily the CMO is there to build credibility because I imagine he wouldn’t put his reputation on the line.

Especially since he works in an embassy. But maybe he has his plan to resign and leave his post who knows…

Same, only time will tell. 


My opinion Intelligence Prime Capital IPC: “My award is irrevocable! >>>>>

As you can imagine, my opinion is very mixed on IPC . Ok, there are a lot of positive points that make you want to put some capital into it. 

But we must still admit that it remains risky! Especially since it’s a very young company with no verifiable liabilities. 

If you therefore intend to put marbles in it, as I told you above, it is better to sell what is rotting in your attic to invest capital there. Rather than using your savings! 

If you are not a beginner and you already have a portfolio of different investments, you can perhaps afford to put in a $500 or $1000 note.
This sum does not take it from your bank account but uses the profit withdrawals that you have been able to make on AI Marketing or on another trading robot for example.


In this case the idea is more diversified by taking a small risk, bearing in mind that you can bring out your investment in 3 months. 
After if Intelligence Prime Capital still holds, it will only be a bonus. 

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Basically, only invest the money you can afford to lose! And especially not the money you need or will need later.

And if you’re cautious about this kind of investment and you don’t have the profile of an investor who likes to take risks, then don’t set foot there!



What about IPC regulations? 

Since the start of the company under the name of IntelligencePrimeCapital, the company has done everything necessary to have full transparency on these activities . 

Until today IPC has been able to legally register with the following organizations: 


That is, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada. 

FINTRAC is Canada ‘s financial intelligence unit. Its role is to facilitate the detection, prevention


and deterrence of money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities, while ensuring the protection of the personal information it holds. 

To verify that Intelligence Prime Capital is registered with them, just go to Google, type Fintrac and go to their site. We select French then click on “Search for the ESM register” in the quick links.

Then, we type “Intelligence Prime capital” to find out if they are really declared in this organization. 

And indeed they appear as declarants on the following operations: Foreign exchange transactions, Transfer of funds and, Trade in virtual currencies



Then we have ASIC which stands for “Australian Securities and Investments Commission”. It is simply the official body of the Australian government that handles the regulation of investment companies. Its role is to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors by enforcing and regulating company and financial services law.

If we go to Google, and we type Australian ASIC , we come across their site. I click on “Companies and organizations” to see the registered companies. I choose “Organizations and Business Name” and type “intelligence prime capital”.

And indeed, they are well registered as a legal company to operate in the financial markets. 


And finally, we also have the MSB which stands for Money Services Business. This is the Money Services Business Information Center also called FINCEN . Its role is to protect the financial system of the United States against illicit use and to fight against money laundering. FINCEN is a public utility of the United States government.


If we actually go to the FINCEN website. We click on Money Services Business Information. We type Intelligence Prime Capital in Legal Name. We fall well on their declarative sheet.

As we have seen, IPC does not do things by halves. The fact that a company can declare itself in such organizations as Fintrac or ASIC shows a guarantee of quality. 


You can also take a look at MyfxBook, which attests to the transparency of traders, brokers and trading systems. We find the history of the verified trades of the bot relating to the Genius license of Intelligence Prime Capital since August 2021 . 

Warning: even if IPC has obtained many declarations and remains clean in these trading activities, it is always necessary to keep in mind an element of risk and not to put all these eggs in the same basket. 



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