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Jackass star Bam Margera

After years of struggling with addictions, Bam Margera would be treated in an addiction clinic. That’s what his friend Steve-O says on comedian and presenter Howie Mandel’s podcast.

According to Steve-O (47), who is actually called Stephen Glover, his friend Margera (41) not only suffers from addiction, but is also mentally in a bad state. “And those two different things have a certain effect on each other,” Glover says.

While Margera doesn’t fully acknowledge he has an addiction problem at this point, according to Glover, there appears to have been a breakthrough in the Jackassstar’s healing process over the past week. “I think while we’re having this conversation, he’s on his way to an addiction clinic. But I can’t fully confirm that.”


Glover says a lot has happened around Margera in recent weeks. “Interventions, escapades. He has gone ‘AWOL’ (military term to indicate that someone disappears for a short time without any notice, ed.) and it is being investigated whether a legal basis for his treatment can be found,” hinting at a forced admission.

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Margera threatens Jackassdirector (Jackass star Bam Margera)

Margera was recently banned from contacting Jackassdirector Jeff Tremaine. This after Tremaine says he has been threatened by Margera since the beginning of this year.

Soon the fourth Jackass film will be released, but without Margera. Tremaine previously stated that Margera was only allowed to participate in the creation of the film if, among other things, he was admitted to an addiction clinic. It is unclear whether that claim is a reason for Tremaine’s threat.

The series Jackass– which featured professional skateboarders performing stunts – aired on MTV between 2000 and 2002. After that, several films and so-called spin-offs such as Viva la Bam and Wildboyzappeared.

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