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June Games from the PlayStation Plus Catalog
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Sonysta Gallery of my heart! The month of June arrived with a gift for us this month.

O PlayStation Plus Games Catalog It's coming heavy with titles that will make you glue yourself to the couch and forget about the rest of the world. We are talking about Monster Hunter RiseCrusader Kings III, After Us and much more!

All of these games will be available from June 18th. Get ready, because it will be difficult to choose where to start!

Let's go to the highlights!

Monster Hunter Rise | PS4, PS5 If you enjoy hunting giant monsters and collecting everything you see, this one is for you! In Monster Hunter Rise, you'll customize your hunter, choose from 14 weapon types, and recruit your partners Palico Felyne and the all-new Palamute Canyne. The hunts are intense and full of adrenaline, whether playing alone or with friends. Each victory gives you materials to create and improve your weapons and armor, so get ready to evolve and face increasingly greater challenges!


Crusader Kings III | PS5 Do you want to be a medieval lord and command your dynasty? In Crusader Kings III, you will lead a noble family, increase its power and reputation throughout the generations. You will be that master strategist, whether on the battlefield or hatching conspiracies. The decisions you make shape the history of your kingdom and the lives of your heirs. It's pure strategy and RPG of the best quality!

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After Us | PS5 This is for those who enjoy a more artistic and emotional feel. In After Us, you are Gaia, the Spirit of Life, exploring a surreal post-humanity world. Your mission is to save the souls of extinct animals, facing dangerous Devourers along the way. It's a journey of sacrifice and hope, with incredible visuals and a touching story.

Year 1800 | PS5 Get ready to experience the beginning of the Industrial Age in Year 1800. Build your city, discover new technologies and explore regions in one of the most fascinating periods in history. Play solo or in PvP and online co-op modes. It's strategy and city building at its finest!

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers | PS4, PS5 Become a police officer Police Simulator: Patrol Officers and experience the day-to-day life of the profession. Start with parking violations and progress to more complex missions, all while getting to know the Brighton community. Show your strength fairly and climb the career ladder!


Classics and PS VR2

Kayak VR: Mirage | PSVR2 Immerse yourself in a virtual reality journey with Kayak VR: Mirage. Explore beautiful locations, competing on the race track or relaxing in free mode. Impressive realism and guaranteed fun!

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy | PS4, PS5 Revisit the classic Star Wars trilogy with the charm of LEGO bricks. Customize your characters, pilot iconic vehicles and embark on an epic adventure!

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Ghosthunter | PS4, PS5 Return to PS2 with Ghosthunter and face hordes of tortured souls. Superior rendering and lots of new features for those who enjoy a good horror game.

Daxter | PS4, PS5 It's finally Daxter's turn to shine! Help Jak escape from prison in an adventure full of humor and action. Rewind, quick save and video filters to make everything even more fun.


This month of June is too much for PlayStation Plus people. There are games for all tastes, from action and adventure to strategy and simulation. So, let's take advantage and dive head first into these new titles. Thanks, Sony!

June Games from the PlayStation Plus Catalog

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June Games from the PlayStation Plus Catalog

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