Kate Middleton wears gift given by newly crowned Commonwealth king

newly crowned Commonwealth king

newly crowned Commonwealth king – This past Monday, 13-03-2023, Princess of Wales Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, 41 years old, and Prince of Wales William Arthur Philip Louis, 40 years old, participated for the first time together in the Commonwealth, after having received new titles that belonged to Prince Charles who has now become king with the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II last year and Princess Diana, who died in 1997.

newly crowned Commonwealth king

The royal family joined 2 million people at Westminster Abbey for the celebration of the remarkable organization that is the Commonwealth, as well as hosting a reception at Buckingham Palace where the Charter of the Commonwealth was signed by His Majesty King Charles.

Initially, the British Commonwealth of Nations, started in 1931, was a relationship between the United Kingdom and countries that, despite being independent, wanted to maintain the figure of the British Crown as head of state.

newly crowned Commonwealth king

Kate Middleton (Photo: Reproduction/Royal Family/News)

Currently, the Commonwealth is a voluntary association of some nations with other purposes, although the United Kingdom remains responsible for the commonwealth. The organization started with eight members in 1949, modernizing cooperation in search of common interests between the kingdom and South Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Canada and Sri Lanka.

Over the years, more nations have been added to the association and the Commonwealth has expanded its work together to think and encourage resolutions for education, equality, health, environment and other social challenges. In the same year of Commonwealth modernization, King George VI was recognized as head of the association. The monarch Elizabeth II took office in 1952, as did her throne, where she remained for the last 70 years in office.

Celebration in Commonwealth (Photo: Reproduction/ The Royal Family Channel / YouTube)

As of the year 2018, succession as head of the Commonwealth was not hereditary like the Crown. But it was already decided by the organization that, when the Queen passed away, her son Charles would follow in her footsteps, taking over as King Charles III and as head of the association. The Commonwealth follows in the same way, after the death of Elizabeth II and King Charles III took over as head since yesterday. For now, nothing has changed about how it works, its purpose and who remains in the association.

However, the figure of the Queen, her longevity on the throne and the importance of her achievements in history still made some territories accept the monarch as head of state. Now, it may be that some territories start to position themselves to break the link, since Charles III does not have the same emblematic weight as the monarch did.

The solemn event took place in Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. The princess used pieces from the family collection, in addition to the feather brooch given as a gift by the new king. The look consisted of a blue peplum jacket, skirt with an embroidered white print, navy blue hat and a pair of sapphire and diamond earrings, which belonged to Lady Di.

Featured photo: Princess Kate Middleton. Playback/ Royal Family/ News

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newly crowned Commonwealth king

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