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Kim Kardashian Afghan women footballers – The American reality star has offered her help to help Afghan women from the national junior football team reach the United Kingdom, where they arrived on Thursday, November 18.

Thirty-five young footballers from the Afghan junior national team and their families, 130 people threatened in their country by the return to power of the Taliban, arrived in the United Kingdom on Thursday 18 November. The flight was funded by American star Kim Kardashian.

The players, who had narrowly missed the airlift in Kabul in August, had taken refuge in Pakistan with their families, but only had a 30-day visa. (Kim Kardashian Afghan women footballers)

According to the ROKiT Foundation, which helped them escape, they landed very early Thursday at London’s Stansted Airport. Britain’s PA news agency said they were evacuated to the UK on a flight funded by reality TV star Kim Kardashian.


The football family mobilized

Siu-Anne Gill, executive director of the ROKiT Foundation, said she was “extremely touched by the courage of these girls”, saying she hoped that “the football family” would help them in “this second chance in their lives”. (Kim Kardashian Afghan women footballers)

The young footballers have received the support of Leeds United football club, whose owner, Andrea Radrizzani, said in a statement “delighted” by their arrival in the United Kingdom. “This demonstrates the power of football, and sport in general, as a force for good and how the football community is able to collaborate and mobilize to save lives,” he added.

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Leeds United had offered to welcome the players to the junior teams in order to give these girls “a prosperous future”.

Kim Kardashian Afghan women footballers
THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode 101 — Pictured: Entrepreneur Kim Kardashian West during an interview on February 7, 2019 — (Photo by: Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) Kim Kardashian Afghan women footballers

The UK’s Open House (Kim Kardashian Afghan women footballers)

“Like the other people we brought back from Afghanistan to the UK, the girls on the Afghan women’s team will receive a warm welcome, support and accommodation,” a UK government spokesman said.

The UK evacuated more than 15,000 people during the Kabul airlift in the two weeks following the Taliban returned to power in mid-August, including nearly 8600 Afghans eligible for the ARAP relocation and Afghan assistance programme who worked with the British.


Kim Kardashian mobilized

Kim Kardashian has remained very discreet about her valuable contribution. The businesswoman shared in story of her Instagram account images of the young players when they arrived in the United Kingdom. (Kim Kardashian Afghan women footballers)

She also added a few words in which she thanked the Tzedek Association, with which she collaborated, “for their incredible work in helping these girls and many others at risk of death and persecution in Afghanistan.” However, she called for maintaining the mobilization, recalling that “there are still sportswomen in Afghanistan whose lives are in danger”.

Not to mention that “(the Taliban) are chasing women journalists, judges and activists.” And to punctuate in an equally militant tone: “Let’s continue to tell their story and do what we can to help them!”

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Kim Kardashian Afghan women footballers

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