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Kim Kardashian is silent about breakup – Sources from American media know for sure: the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson is over. The reality star herself has not yet responded to the news coverage and that is not exceptional for her.

News media in the United States went big last weekend with the news that Kardashian and Davidson after a relationship of about nine months apart. There was no confirmation from the couple yet.

Sources state that the two have too busy schedules and are too often far from each other for the relationship to work. They wouldn’t have a fight. (Kim Kardashian is silent about breakup)

Kardashian has not deleted her photos with the actor on social media. Stars have a hand of the end of their relationship not to confirm with a statement, but with a broom to go through their Instagram profile to delete old photos with their ex. The romantic pictures that she posted with him just three weeks ago are still online and the same applies to holiday photos from about two months ago.


Since the stories about the breakup, little has been heard of Kardashian on social media. Her latest posts are holiday snaps with her children and photos of her posing with her two daughters in clothes from the new line of Ye (her ex-husband and the father of her children).

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Although Kardashian has one of the most talked about private lives in the world, she rarely, if ever, responds directly to rumors or breakups. 

When the rumors swell in early 2021 that her marriage to Ye is over, it remains silent from camp Kardashian. The news is only officially confirmed when American media get hold of the documents of the divorce application. (Kim Kardashian is silent about breakup)

Kim Kardashian is silent about breakup

She is also reluctant about the relationship with Davidson. Media have been writing for weeks about a spark that was skipped between the two during the recording of Saturday Night Live, where Davidson still works. Only later does Kardashian confirm the news. In the reality series of the family, she says that she sent the actor messages after their first meeting and that she was the one who bet on a date.


Even when Kardashian and Davidson are regularly mangled on Ye’s social media, she only occasionally responds in public. Her ex-husband regularly speaks disparagingly of the comedian. If he then also publicly questions Kardashian’s choices as a parent of their children, the measure for her is full. She writes in February 2022 in a statement on Instagram that she has the best for their family, but that the rapper continuously works against her.

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Even now that the breakup is known, Ye does not keep quiet. On Instagram, he posted a so-called front page of The New York Times stating that Davidson died at the age of 28. He again calls the comedian ‘Skete’, the name he has used for him before.

The fact that Kardashian rarely mentions gossip on social media does not mean that she reveals little of her private life. But she chooses the most lucrative moments for that. For example, in the reality soap 

The Kardashians (a successor to the series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which was shown for twenty seasons) she tells more extensively about the divorce and how the romance between her and Davidson has blossomed. (Kim Kardashian is silent about breakup)


We shouldn’t expect an explanation from Kardashian anytime soon. But those who want to know how the relationship between the two broke down, will undoubtedly hear more about this in September. Then the second season of The Kardashians can be seen. (Kim Kardashian is silent about breakup)


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