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Laura Lempika – The reality TV contestant who shares Nikola Lozina’s life tried on wedding dresses during the episode of “Rest of the World” aired on July 21, 2022. The opportunity for W9 viewers to discover the one she chose.

Since July 11, 2022, W9 viewers have the pleasure of rediscovering The Rest of the World: Romance in Ibiza. A reality show centered on the marriage of Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina. And during the episode of July 21, the mother of Zlatan (1 year) passed a great stage.

While Nikola Lozina was doing a buggy ride, Laura Lempika left with Giuseppa, Marwa or Clarysse to find the designer of her dress to do some fittings. It is first of all a princess dress that she put on “for the kiff“. It wasn’t her style at all and she wasn’t comfortable, but she still wanted to see what she looked like in it.

It is then a bustier dress, corset style at the top and with lace, that she tried. A choice that has made its small effect.


laura lempika age

Laura Lempika still wanted to try a third. Although she struggled to put it on, the 33-year-old eventually managed to get into it. And she was immediately conquered by this mermaid style. It was a tight bustier dress, with frills at the bottom. “At any moment I lose a prosthesis but it’s okay!” she said humorously before comparing herself to Princess Diana.

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She then joined her friends with a little apprehension. “I really like this dress. It is quite tight, it makes very pretty shapes. It’s really my favorite so if there’s not one who likes, I’m going to be sad,” she continued.

However, the former candidate of Secret Story (season 11, in 2017) did not have enough to worry about since all were conquered. “It is sublime. I feel like, really, this dress was made for her, designed for her and I think Laura has found the dress of her dreams,” Giuseppa said. Laura then received a video call from one of her great friends, namely Hilona.

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The latter is his wedding witness, so his opinion was just as valuable. Good news, she also loved it. “The fact that Ilona gives me her opinion means a lot to me. So I’m very happy that she validates my dress. Finally, I can say to myself ‘I think I chose my wedding dress, confided the bride-to-be in tears.


Recall that the wedding of Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina took place on the Balearic Island. And the whole family from the Rest of the world was gathered for the occasion. A moment that the audience is looking forward to.

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Laura Lempika wedding dress

Laura Lempika wedding dress

Laura with husband and kid

Laura Lempika and husband
Laura Lempika instagram photo
Laura Lempika Instagram photo 2022
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