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Leicester City, Chelsea and Liverpool: The three of them will fight for a ticket to the Champions League

Just like other European competitions, the Premier League or English League 2020/21 event will also enter its final week on Sunday (23/5/2021). There is still one ticket that will be up for grabs by Chelsea, Leicester City and Liverpool.

After the Premier League title and the team to be relegated from the Premier League are determined, now, there is one post that is still up for grabs until the end of the season. The post is a top four position, or Champions League zone.

Now, after the Manchester duo, namely City and United, have confirmed one ticket to the Champions League next season, now there are Chelsea, Leicester and Liverpool who will fight for the remaining two tickets to the Champions League. Here are the predictions that can happen.


1. Chelsea to the Champions League, that’s if…..

Leicester City, Chelsea and Liverpool

After the victory over Leicester, Chelsea’s position is at least superior to Liverpool and Leicester. The victory over Aston Villa in the final game will certainly take them to the Champions League next season.

Even though Chelsea will win a draw later, they can still go to the Champions League, even if Liverpool and Leicester win. Especially for Leicester, if Chelsea lose and they win, at least they have to win by a difference of three points over Tottenham Hotspur.

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If Chelsea lose, they can still qualify for the Champions League, as long as Leicester don’t win over Tottenham or Liverpool lose to Crystal Palace in the final week.

Leicester City, Chelsea and Liverpool

2.Liverpool to the Champions League, that’s if…..

Leicester City, Chelsea and Liverpool

Liverpool mentality still hasn’t failed. After being stranded outside of the top four positions, they slowly crawled up and are now able to compete with Leicester and Chelsea to lock positions in the Champions League zone.

Of course, Liverpool will have to win in the final game over Palace in order to qualify. Even though they can still qualify, as long as Leicester fail to beat Tottenham or draw with Tottenham. Despite having the same points, Liverpool are superior on goal difference over Leicester.

Now, if you lose, Liverpool must also hope that Leicester will fall at the hands of Tottenham. On condition, Liverpool do not lose by four points more than Palace. That is only so that the advantage of Liverpool’s goal difference is maintained.


Leicester City, Chelsea and Liverpool

3.Licester City to the Champions League, that’s if…..

Leicester City, Chelsea and Liverpool

The defeat to Chelsea has made Leicester’s position difficult at the moment. Even though they won, they still have to hope that Chelsea and Liverpool will fall from their opponents in order to qualify for the Champions League next season.

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The situation would be difficult if at the same time, Leicester won, but they won by less than four points over Tottenham. If you draw with Tottenham, Leicester can still qualify, as long as Liverpool lose to Palace.

Losing is definitely not an option for Leicester City, because they will fail to catch Liverpool and Chelsea’s points. However, they also faced Tottenham Hotspur, an opponent which incidentally was not easy for them.



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