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Lords Mobile Collaborates with The King of Fighters XV
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So, fans of The King of Fighters It is Neo Geo! Get ready for an epic fight, because Lords Mobile just joined the universe of The King of Fighters XV! Until July 31st, you can join forces with legends like Kyo Kusanagi It is Mai Shiranui to dominate the Kingdoms of Athena.

Just imagine, that vibe of SNK straight into your favorite strategy game!

Epic Fights and Prizes

In this event, players will be able to participate in exciting battles on the Combat Stadium and use Combat Tickets to collect photo fragments. Completing these photos earns you exclusive prizes, such as Arcade Adventure Castle Skin, Mai Shiranui Castle Skin, collaborative emotes, collaborative avatars and more. And you know what is better? You can earn Combat Tickets just by logging in daily and hunting monsters. Seriously, is it a gamer's dream or not?

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Return Event

O Return Event it's back! Until June 21st, you can invite your old allies and earn rewards before the event ends. If your friend hasn't played for more than 14 days and his castle is level 10 or above, you can complete the event missions and increase your chances of winning gift cards. Let's get the guys back to the action!


Combat Faction War

From June 13th to 17th, the Combat Faction War will catch fire. There are five rounds of challenges, and you can participate in one round per day. Completing specific missions gives you chances to attack your faction, and even if you roll a K.O., you still receive rewards. And if you deal accumulated damage, you unlock even more prizes. The top 100 participants in overall damage will receive bonus rewards. Who will be next Terry Bogard?

Combat Puzzles

Time to test your mind too! Completing event missions gives you random puzzle pieces. Complete it to receive the Combat Blessing and bonus missions that give you the Bonus Combat Gift. And there's more: at the end, one lucky person who completed the puzzle will win a Combatant's Pack, with figures, mouse and keyboard sets, and even a Lords Mobile x Soocas electric toothbrush. Limited edition of the Lords Mobile Vinyl Record is also in the package!


Get ready for an exciting collaboration between Lords Mobile and THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV! Join forces with Mai Shiranui and Kyo Kusanagi as they embark on an exciting adventure in the Realms of Athena! This collaboration promises a treasure trove of exclusive items, including limited Castle Skins, Leader Skins, adorable emotes, avatars, and more! Call your friends and join these legendary fighters for an epic battle! Don't forget to use this special Lords Mobile and THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV code to redeem an exclusive gift9! Code: LMKOFXV2024 Validity Period: 05/27/2024 – 06/26/2024 Redemption Page: *Each IGG ID can only win 1 prize. #fyp #foryou #for you #game #IG G #lordsmobile #lordsmobilept #mobile

♬ original sound – Lords Mobile (PT, BR)


Clash The King of Fighters XV

From July 17th to 28th, it is time for the strongest to prevail in the Clash The King of Fighters XV. Complete challenge missions and earn points. Reach milestones and unlock pass rewards. By purchasing packs, you unlock premium rewards. The top 100 guilds will win an exclusive guild frame. Will face the challenge and become the King of Fighters?

Participate in the Event

Don't waste time, warrior! Join the event, invite your friends and show who's boss. After all, if the Geese Howard can dominate South Town, you can also dominate Athena's Kingdoms. Good luck in this epic event! More information at: Lords Mobile SNK Event.


Lords Mobile Collaborates with The King of Fighters XV

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Lords Mobile Collaborates with The King of Fighters XV


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