List of 25 little love attentions to surprise your partner on a daily basis

love attentions to surprise your partner

love attentions to surprise your partner

Love is a feeling that is maintained every day, on a daily basis. It is not enough to say I love you from time to time for the flame to remain alive. You have to know how to surprise the other and show him his feelings. Otherwise, the routine that sets in can turn into boredom. A daily life made only of habits will deteriorate the couple.

To not get to this point, no need to do crazy things, dig your bank overdraft or turn into a poet! No, it is just necessary, from time to time, to break the routine by small loving attentions to surprise yourself on a daily basis. A moment for two, a small gift, a sweet word or an improvised outing, the choice is varied! Here is a list of 25 little love attentions to surprise yourself on a daily basis.

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List of 25 little love attentions to surprise your partner on a daily basis

Turning a bandage relationship into a lasting one

Sweet little words

It sounds “basic”, but it is a small attention that is always fun and that takes only a short time. If the surprise is simple, it is nonetheless touching. Who wouldn’t be moved to read an impromptu “I love you” from the chosen one of his heart?

1– A little word of love, a poem, a quote, the lyrics of a song or just a “I love you” on a post-it note. Slipped to a place where you are sure he/she will find him/her when he/she wakes up (his/her toothbrush, coffee maker, in his/her purse or on the seat of his/her car).

2- A tender, romantic, funny or naughty email on his/her professional email that he/she will open as soon as he/she arrives at work. Enough to give him a smile for the day.

3- A fiery love letter slipped into the mailbox among invoices and advertisements. A nice surprise when picking up the mail!

4- A written word or a heart drawn in lipstick on the mirror of the bathroom. Or even a kiss directly applied from your mouth on the ice.

5- Romantic or passionate SMS to wish him a good day and more naughty for the evening reunion.

6- A small heart, an origami to unfold, a parchment type paper to unroll hidden in his wallet, his purse or his purse. Like a setting to a pretty declaration of love.

Sweets and delicacies

love attentions to surprise your partner

A little originality at mealtimes can only bring a little spice to your couple. Surprise your partner with small gourmet, sweet or savory attentions depending on the time of day. From breakfast to dinner, the choice is varied!

7- Surprise him/her with breakfast in bed before he/she wakes up.

8- A pastries slipped into his/her bag if he/she never takes the time to have lunch in the morning at home. The kind of little love attentions to surprise yourself that warms the heart!

9- Prepare his favorite dish and a nice table when he/she comes home from work.

10- Provide him with a nice and gourmet lunchbox for the next day at noon at work.

11- Organize a relaxing evening with a TV set in front of a good movie or favorite series.

12- Get a meal delivered on the way home from work according to your tastes (caterer, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indian,…). With a little romantic touch thanks to candles and soft music.

A relaxing moment at home

love attentions to surprise your partner

Home sweet home says the formula consecrated! And it’s true, feeling good at home is important for the well-being of the couple. No need to go out to please him. After a big day of work, the only thing you want is to relax and rest! And to be surprised by it is even more pleasant.

13- Wait for him with in musical background the song / CD of the artist he / she loves. And give him a glass of champagne or a glass of wine.

14- Make him flow a fragrant bath with a dim light

15- Offer him a relaxing massage with candles and massage oil.

16- Light a fireplace in winter so that he/she can relax by the fire on his/her return from work. Or prepare him a coocooning plaid/magazine/hot tea corner.

Other little love attentions to surprise your partner on a daily basis

A romantic spree

love attentions to surprise your partner

To surprise the other and break the routine, there is nothing better than a small unexpected trip in love. An evening, a weekend, a holiday, whatever, according to your means, your schedule and his. Any moment for two, to have fun, relax and meet again is a nice idea.

17- Invite him unexpectedly to his favorite restaurant or even that of your meeting or birthday.

18- Come and pick her up by surprise at work at lunchtime and take her to the restaurant. Or prepare a picnic during the sunny days.

19- Announce to him/her in the evening on his/her return that he/she has a few minutes to prepare because you go out for a surprise (restaurant, show, concert…).

20- Welcome him on Friday evening with a suitcase in hand and announce that you are leaving for the weekend to an unknown destination.

5 other little love attentions to surprise yourself on a daily basis

Small gifts as small love touches to surprise yourself

Making a small gift to the other, no matter the budget you have, is an attention to be made punctually. It shows that you are thinking of him/her, that you know his/her tastes and that you want to please him/her.

21- Place a rose, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or his favorite sweets on his nightstand.

22- Put in the CD player of his car the last album of his favorite artist.

23- Have one of the last photos of you two printed and framed before offering it.

24- Buy him his favorite magazine, the latest novel that has just been released, the latest BLU-RAY or his favorite comic book.

25- Offer him two seats for a show (cinema in preview, concert, one man show,play, exhibition ). Les slide in the place of its bookmark for a total surprise.

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