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deal with heartbreak in differently

It’s done after breaking up a relationship: dealing with heartbreak. Men deal with heartbreak in a different way than women, but everyone has to deal with it at some point in their life. Fortunately, this is a temporary period, but the question is of course how do you get through this tough period?

When men have come to terms with their heartbreak, they can come to two conclusions: the realization that there are plenty of other fish swimming in the sea or the realization that she was the one and want her back. Here are the tips to simply process the heartbreak, but also how to get your ex back, what you should do for it and what you should not do!

Men deal with heartbreak in different phases

In the beginning, there is often no realization that the relationship is over. When this realization is there it sometimes provokes a bit of aggression in heartbroken men. But once this realization is there, men also want to meet new people. When you realize this, you don’t want to think about your ex anymore, but doing this compulsively has the opposite effect and you only think about your ex.


Eventually you find out that the woman wasn’t the one for you. Sad moments persist, but especially the men often do fun things together with friends. You will even see all the benefits of being single! For example, that you no longer have to take your ex into account, but there are of course many more advantages to being single.

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How do you win back your ex?

Your relationship is over, men first process the heartbreak before they can deal with other matters again. First, identifying the cause of your break-up is an important thing to do. When you know the cause, you can start trying to change that in the future, because you don’t want to lose her again for the same reason. Take a rest and try to improve your own life. Taking a few weeks apart can work well to get your ex back. Just don’t wait too long to approach her because once she has had sex with someone else, the chances of her wanting you back will be very slim. After these weeks, both sides can show each other how they have improved.

Here is an overview of what you should and should not do to get your ex back. First of all, don’t spread bad stories about her, because this won’t solve anything. Prefer not to talk about her at all. Secondly, it is also not smart to start stalking her by emailing, texting, calling, etc. As mentioned above, it is better to keep your distance for a few weeks. Third, making your ex jealous with other women doesn’t make much sense either. And finally, it sometimes comes to the point that men beg to come back. Your ex will not respond well to this and you are so submissive that you lose your worth.

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Men deal with heartbreak in stages. They first deny with the hope that things will turn out okay. Then there is the realization that things are not going to be okay and you start to feel lonely. Ultimately, you know she’s not the one. You also have to go through these phases to get your ex back. You have to make sure that you improve where things went wrong in the relationship, this is the best way to get your ex back. It is therefore a difficult period, but men also end up dealing with heartbreak.




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