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If your ex is stubborn, that can be one of the obstacles to get back in touch. Maybe you’ve already tried several techniques and you thought you were making the right choices, but your ex is still not coming back. Your ex is difficult, does not communicate, he or she has a pride and that makes it difficult for you to show your ex how different you have become now. In your opinion, your ex is a stiff head and just doesn’t want to know or listen to you at all.

ex is stubborn

Men in particular have quite an ego and don’t give in so easily. As a woman you are looking for ways to stir up the feelings in your ex without exaggerating or appearing ‘needy’. But how? We’ll go into this in more detail in this article. It is true that if you have an ex who is stubborn and difficult to do, you will need to change some strategies or adjust them for a better outcome.

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“My ex is stubborn” and does not want to give me a second chance, is a statement we often hear and if this also applies to you, then I can imagine that you sometimes doubt whether you should give up or not. You will have to observe your ex’s behavior closely so that you no longer have to doubt whether your ex is still worth fighting for. In this article, we are going to teach women in particular how to appear more convincing when their ex is stubborn.

Why is my ex stubborn and doesn’t want to talk?

One of the biggest problems women face after a breakup is when their ex-partner won’t talk, and stubbornly gets stuck in beliefs. You quickly get the impression that your ex is not planning to come back at all. Your ex refuses to talk and just says it’s over, that he’s done with it and that the feelings are gone.


But ladies, understand that a man has tremendous pride, even if he didn’t show it to you when you two were still in a relationship. Your ex’s behavior can be really different now and that can sometimes even surprise you. That has everything to do with the emotions that are difficult for him to deal with. Men are not the best conversationalists anyway, and have more difficulty than women in expressing themselves verbally and dealing with their emotions. ex is stubborn

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Your ex just made a tough decision, the decision to end the relationship. Don’t think it was that easy for him. A man doesn’t give up on his relationship that easily. Moreover, if he came back now just because you have declared your love to him, he will feel that he is influenced by you too much and therefore cannot be in a strong position if he continues the relationship. second chance. But there may also be another reason. ex is stubborn

Maybe you’re the person who ended the relationship because you weren’t happy, or you had personal issues. You may have already become quite alienated and thought there was no choice but to end the relationship.

In that case, he may want to hurt you on purpose because he has suffered emotional pain as well.


Of course every situation is different, but my experience during the coaching sessions teaches me that there are many similarities. If you say ‘my ex is stubborn’ then it is very possible that you have incited him to be stubborn. You may have gotten on your ex quite a bit, and at some point you hurt him. You may have been unfaithful in your relationship. If you’ve cheated, it’s not that easy for your ex to say ‘okay, sand about it’. But it is still possible to win back your ex despite everything, even if your ex is still so stubborn.

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“My ex is stubborn”, but I want to give it my all!

Many women tend to find their ex stubborn and think that winning back their ex is impossible, given his character. But ask yourself if you are not exaggerating a bit, because maybe you are not aware of it. 

You may already say in advance that your ex is inaccessible. You say that he is easily irritated, or that he is angry with you because he does not want to come back or does not want to take the first steps to do so. However, you should understand that it’s not all about feelings, and it’s not just the pride or stubbornness that your ex doesn’t take to try again. There can be many reasons why your ex remains stubborn. ex is stubborn

Even if he has asked you to have a need for more space, that does not mean that he is refraining from contact or avoiding conversations. What matters is that you take the right actions and enforce some important rules in order not to go wrong. If you beg your ex every two days to come back, or if you ask him if he already has another, you won’t make any progress, or worse, your ex may not come back at all. Remember: an ex partner should only come back because he feels comfortable around you. If not, an ex will soon think “get out of here”.


The problem isn’t just your ex’s ego, but your actions may have little effect because they aren’t properly adjusted, or worse, you’re doing things that are really out of the question. A pity, because in that case you should have followed a coaching program , or at least read a good program or book in which you could have followed the advice and tips to win back your ex .

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It is a bit difficult to know the way when you are so emotionally confused with yourself. That is why guidance from a professional is a must to avoid problems. You don’t have to think about your ex disappearing from your life for good, right?

How to deal with an ex who is stubborn

Do not wait in your heartbreak and wait for your ex to come to you begging, because if your ex is stubborn then that certainly will not happen. So don’t wait hopelessly for something to happen. Not only does your ex have a lot of pride and therefore he will not come to you so quickly to ask for forgiveness, but you actually don’t want that if you are honest with yourself. 

You understand that it is not good to continue your new relationship on a wrong and shaky basis. If you give your ex a second chance because he begs for it, then that is certainly not a good basis and your relationship will certainly risk failure again. Partners should not be emotionally dependent on each other. ex is stubborn


If your ex is constantly criticizing you, don’t encourage the behavior by explaining everything to your ex and defending yourself. Try to look for the underlying message. Your ex needs to understand that criticizing is not the way to start a constructive relationship.

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In any case, it is not advisable to talk to an ex who is irritated, distant or frustrated. Wait for the right moment to communicate with your ex.

You may want your ex to come back soon, but haste is rarely a good thing. If your ex feels that your only wish is to get him back, he will actually resist. So don’t beg or try to convince your ex that he sees it all wrong.

Respect your ex’s need to temporarily take some distance. It is always best if your ex takes action on his own initiative, but waiting endlessly is not the way either. Be patient and understanding. That way, you have the best chance that your ex who is stubborn will eventually consider coming back.


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