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My girlfriend will break up: recognizing the warning signs



My girlfriend will break up

My girlfriend will break up

When you don’t expect it (and even when you expect it), a romantic breakup falls like a sledgehammer. We do not understand, we would like to change, rebuild something stable, start again on a good basis… But it is too late. The twelfth stroke of midnight has sounded and you are no longer his prince charming. To avoid this intergalactic shock, you need to know how to recognize that your girlfriend is no longer bitten by you. That you know how to decode the moods and feminine desires. Spot signs of a near breakup.


His laptop is no longer part of your field of vision (My girlfriend will break up)

Before, his laptop was lying around; on the sofa, the bed, on the floor or on the dining table. She didn’t really pay attention to it. For the past few days, she has been spent her time looking for him. His laptop seems screwed to the bottom of his bag or taken hostage in the pocket of his jeans. She turns it off when you approach and takes care to hide it under a towel when she takes her shower. The alarm is triggered, it’s beep-beep in your brain. Attention, attention…


His passwords are no longer transmitted to you

Before, you had access to his Facebook and messaging. But that was before. You didn’t spy on him, and you never went to dig into his personal belongings. She trusted you and didn’t see the problem. And then one day, suddenly, for no reason, she started changing all her passwords. Since then you no longer have access to its data. This is not what saddens you but rather the lack of confidence that it reveals to you. A girl who trusts her couple shows transparency… This does not mean that it deceives you or anything, it is a matter of staying on your guard so as not to be disappointed.

It no longer invests itself (My girlfriend will break up)

More attention, more small gifts, more “I love you”, more tenderness. You feel like you think more often about her than she thinks of you. Proposals for outings and activities are put in your hands and exclusively in your hands. We are starting to go into the red.

You’re arguing for a yes or no

You put too much dressing in the salad, vacuumed badly, broke a plate and you have the feeling of having killed his mother, of being a criminal on the run, the villain who makes the princess unhappy. She screams for nothing, all exasperates her in your house. The reproaches are flying. All you do is “shit” because you “serve no purpose”. She can’t stand you anymore. As soon as you say a word or expose an idea, it shows you how much you are a “con-who-understands-nothing-to-nothing”. When disputes become disproportionate and, above all, unjustified, there are questions to be asked. A couple arguing, okay. When you live with someone there are bound to be times when it breaks out. But take the lead every day, every hour, for nothing, nothing at all… it smells of rust.

You don’t argue at all anymore (My girlfriend will break up)

Conversely, for some time, it is quiet, too calm, total platitude. You never boast. No matter what you do or say, she doesn’t care. You are no longer part of her interests and she does not want to waste her energy trying to pick up the scattered pieces of your couple. She just doesn’t want to try anymore. For her, it is too late.


She has a bachelor’s schedule

She goes out in a box with her girlfriends at least twice a week while she is more of the homemaker type. While she was returning around one o’clock in the morning, by the last subway, now, she prefers to return at dawn, with her single girlfriends. I’m not saying that a girl in a couple shouldn’t go out (far from it! and I know what I’m talking about.). But when she spends more time outside than in your arms… the equation is wrong.

She refuses your proposals for excursions (My girlfriend will break up)

You can break your head to please him… it seems indifferent to everything, impervious to your goodwill. She says no with her head and she says no with her heart too. She no longer wants to spend time with you. And let you know.

It no longer mentions plans for the future

Moving in together, marriage, children, all that she doesn’t talk about anymore. It’s scratched in his little notebook. Barred, erased, destroyed, annihilated. You are no longer part of his future plans. A girl who is well in her relationship can plan the holidays in Greece six months in advance… because in six months you will still be together, that’s obvious. But when she can’t even plan a weekend for next month… it’s time to worry.

His jealousy has disappeared from circulation

“normally jealous” girl will feel a little pinch in her heart when you go for a drink, in all honor, with a former college friend. A girl who no longer loves you, no longer lends you interest, who is on the verge of breaking up, will be completely indifferent to this little one-on-one. Maybe she will even secretly dream that this old friend will please you and that you will flee to Timbuktu together!


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