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My guy is lying to me
For several years now you have been together and everything is going well, you have arguments,you know the routine,but overall, you are both happy in your relationship. Yes, but that’s it, he often laments to you for more trifles! So why? Is it serious? What needs to be done?

Differentiating between “serious” lies and small lies by omission (My guy is lying to me)

Little lies by omission

He told you that he went to a restaurant with friends while he had appointments with girls? Or that he had the sweater you gave him stolen when he lost it? Or does he tell you that he is dating such friends while he is with others? He tells you that he will be in this club tonight while he will be somewhere else? It’s boring, but it doesn’t matter. 

Your guy surely lies to you to avoid conflict, because he is afraid of your reaction and prefers to circumvent it by inventing small lies or by voluntarily “forgetting” to tell you some of his actions. Aren’t you jealous or jealous? (My guy is lying to me)

Here is the testimony of Amélie, who suffers from the lies of her companion but seems to have found the origin: (My guy is lying to me)


I’ve been with Brice for five years. At first, he told me everything and we did almost everything together. But I am very jealous and during the first years, I had quite extreme behaviors: jealousy attacks, a lot of tears, even hysteria. Today, he is menting to me all the time and it annoys me because I snout even more, I try to look at his mobile, his Facebook … to see if he lied to me or not.

In the end, when I learn the truth, I always feel stupid because he didn’t do anything “wrong”, he lied to me and deep down, I know why. For example, the other day he had an appointment with a girl for lunch in pro mode and he told me that he was eating with a colleague. I know that if he had told me it was a girl, I would certainly have screamed, for nothing at all, but it’s louder than me. So, I have the impression that he lies to me all the time to avoid that we quarrel …My guy is lying to me

I find this testimony very accurate. Certainly, lying is annoying and can break trust in the couple but ask yourself, every time he lies to you, how you would have reacted if he had told you the truth. If you would be upset, then you already know the reason for this lie.

What to do? (My guy is lying to me)

Already do some work on yourself before blaming him for all his lies. Even if you manage to stop being jealous and not having a seizure at the slightest opportunity, the scheme is already well integrated into your relationship.

So even if for two years you show good will and he sees you change, he may continue to lie to you because of your past. It will therefore take time but is worth it to restore balance within your couple.


Serious Lies: Pathological Liars

Your man is meeting you on very important or even serious subjects (he made you believe that he was single while he is in a relationship, he is a gambling addict, he drinks, he is in debt up to his neck …).

He denies, locks himself in his lies, tells you that he will change, starts again… In short, he is a real liar and you have nothing to do with it. (My guy is lying to me)

You can’t do anything, only he can decide to go for treatment but will only make the decision very rarely. He does not realize the gravity of the situation and is in complete denial. Pay attention to yourself, you can pay dearly, suffer or even become his involuntary accomplice.

What to do?

Try to make them aware of their problem. If this does not work and you suffer from the situation, it is possible that the best solution is to flee.


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